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This is my first girl that I got off of America Online (AOL). One of my girls that I met on the phone chatline told me that I could meet plenty of hoes on AOL. So I downloaded the software and started up with their free 45 day trial. I figured that I shouldn't be wasting a lot of time and money at the nightclubs trying to find women when I can just sit here on my ass in the house and find them on the computer. After a few member searches, and some cut and paste introductions to numerous women in my area, I got a reply from this girl. 

Yes, she's a big girl. But when it comes to hunting pussy on the internet, you're more likely to run into the big girls. Why? Because most of the slim/phatassed girls are out in the streets getting men in person. The big girls mostly sit in the house. And if you sit in the house in front of the computer, you're more than likely to meet men on the internet. This girl is 31 years old and she is just now "exploring her sexual being". She said that for years she was very shy and didn't leave the house except to go to the store and to the bank. She just discovered the internet 3 months ago and she's just tickled pink at all of the opportunities that she could have with the men on the internet. Fortunately, she met me before she got turned out. I've already claimed this pussy and I'll be breaking her in before I have her getting into some super freaky shit. 

The first time I met her, I went to her place in the projects. It's pretty safe where she lives because the cops aren't letting anybody act stupid in public housing anymore. You won't hear a peep from a nigga all night in these projects...It's like the suburbs....I went over there and we got our buzz on and I had to tap that big ass. She was very enthusiastic and once you spread apart all of the flesh and actually got to the pussy, she could work it like a muthafucka. The first time we fucked, she didn't give me any head or anything. I just slapped the condom on and did her on the couch. Thank God I'm lifting weights or I wouldn't have had the strength to ride all of that flesh. You couldn't just lift her leg up in the air and hold it while you stroked her. You had to lift her leg up and then use your bodyweight to pin her legs back. Otherwise, after ten seconds, you'd be too tired to hold her heavy ass legs up. 

Less than a week later, I asked her if she would like to come over my place and take some naked pictures. She needed some money so she said it was cool. I went to get her and once I got there, one of her kids let me in the house because she was in the shower. When I went to sit down, one of the boys asked me, "Are you from the computer?". I gave the kid the runaround and sat down to watch cartoons with them while I waited for her.....She said that she was VERY nervous about getting naked for me and she wanted something to loosen her up. Her drink is Tequila. So I bought a fifth of Cuervo and a pack of Newport Kings for her and she was good to go. We got back to the house and got FUCKED UP!! That tequila is no joke at all. I don't normally drink tequila so I wasn't used to it......All I knew is that once she got fucked up, she was ready to do ANYTHING that I told her to do. She's just a freak and she's anxious to let the freak come out of her after all of these years of repression. 

Now I know why she calls herself "licka". It's because she LOVES to lick and suck on thangs. She sucked her thumb way into adulthood so her mouth is formed perfectly to fit dick in her mouth. While we were taking pictures, I asked her for a "sample" of her oral skills. She bragged on being very very oral and I wanted her to prove it. Next thing I know, I was laying on that there bed naked and spread eagle while she blew me for damn near an hour. She said that sucking dick is her FAVORITE thing to do and she wasn't lying. She did an excellent job. I didn't feel her teeth even once. And what's even better is that she is willing to listen to you and learn new things. She was a good dick sucker but she didn't know anything about licking and sucking balls. I told her that I liked that and I told her to just try it out. I would let her know if she was sucking too hard or tugged my balls in the wrong direction. Within 10 minutes, she was cradling my balls in her mouth and was giving them an excellent tongue massage. She caused only a slight amount of un-comfort but hell, it was her first time sucking balls. She has to learn somehow. She might as well be taught by me. 

She also has a huge gaping wide open pink pussy and the upclose asshole shots. It's juicy as hell and it looks like a big pink canyon of pussy. Believe me, when you mess with the big girls like this, you first gotta see how much flesh you have to spread out to actually get to the pussy. I've met plenty of girls with a whole rack of "padding" right on their pussy. Since I ain't packing twelve inches of dick, I gotta stay in close and do the short strokes. I don't know why I couldn't stay hard. The only time I got hard was when she was sucking me off. The rest of my time, I had soft peter. And if my dick won't get hard to fuck some pussy, I know that my subconscious is telling me that It would be bad consequences if I did. So when my dick goes soft, I don't apologize. I just state the fact that my dick ain't gonna get up and there ain't nothing I can do about it. If you're gonna tell a girl you can't fuck her cause you can't get hard, you had BETTER be cocky about it. If you're apologetic about it, she'll disrespect you. If you just tell the brawd that you're having a bad day and ain't shit you can do about it, at least you'll get a little more respect for not crying about having soft peter. 

All I know is that I now have a new person who will be providing me with top quality blowjobs whenever I want. I have an open invitation to her house and I don't even have to call first. All I have to do is come knock on the door and she'll either let me spend the night over there or she'll come to my house and suck me all night long. I fact, I'm writing this story at 12:45 am and she stays online most of the night...I could just send her an instant message and get my blowjob appointment. 

Members will just have to join and see all of the action. I'm not gonna post all of the good shit out here for free. 

I'm a pervert and I get paid to live my perverted lifestyle.....GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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