The Golden Tummy

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This girl we can call “The Golden Tummy”…I call her the Golden Tummy because that big ass stomach of hers is worth a whole lot of money. Besides the older ladies, the big girls are the best sellers on this website. A lot of you try to say that you won’t get with the big girls but when I check my sales stats, it proves time and time again that a LOT of people get turned on by the big girls…Here’s the story on how I found this 24 year old beauty….  

It was a late Saturday night….I was supposed to go to a birthday party where they were gonna have a wet T-shirt contest and that shit didn’t pan out. I showed up to the house and there were only two girls…One was the girl who invited me and the other girl was cute but won’t be legal to use on this website for another year…Then I was supposed to shoot this 21 year old petite black girl and she backed out on me. So both options to find some pussy fell through.  

So I went back home and got on the phone chatline. I haven’t been on it for awhile but I knew that there would be some horny girls online. So at around midnight, I paid my $50 for 200 minutes of chat time (tax deductible), and tried my luck…..Within a few minutes, Golden Tummy left me a message saying that she wanted someone to act like her “husband” on the phone…So I played along…I was asking questions like “What did you cook for me for dinner after I’ve been working hard all day?” and shit like that…I got her all hot and horny and shit….  

But since I was on the chatline to find some ass that was willing to get naked tonight, I just gave her my phone number and told her to call me at her earliest convenience, then I moved on to other girls on the chatline….Luckily, she called me on my cellphone within a few minutes because she liked the “husband” talk I was giving her…Then all of a sudden, she invited me over to her house! Now it’s 1am in the morning and she doesn’t know me from Adam. She had to be real bold to invite me over to her house…I didn’t know what was about to happen so I put my cameras in the trunk of my car and hoped for the best.  

When I got there, she answered the door in a big red nightie…She had the place smelling all good and had the candles lit and everything. We have a drink and then out of the blue, she asks me, “What would you like me to do for you?”…I said she could do whatever she wanted so she took me into the bedroom, had me lie on the bed, and she gave me a nice blowjob….She wanted me to fuck her but I had just shot the scene with last week’s girl, April the night before and my nutsack was kind of empty so I wasn’t able to get hard long enough to fuck her…..Oh well, shit like that happens to an old man like me who does porn for a living. I’m not as excited to fuck as I used to be back when I didn’t get paid to bust a nut like every other man….  

The night wasn’t lost though because we went back in the living room where she proceeded to pour her heart out to me that she was really gay and she was still in love with some woman that she broke up with SEVEN YEARS AGO!! Now she hasn’t had sex with any other woman besides her years ago but she still thinks she’s Gay. So now, she just tries to make herself feel better by getting dicked down by men. I gave her a little quick counseling session in the living room and then I told her how beautiful her body was and how I would love to at least take some pictures of her. She didn’t believe what I was saying and she said “Money First!”….I told her I’m gonna go to my car and get my camera and I’ll be right back…I came back, handed her the money and since she was already naked, we snapped some pics….  

Look at that big beautiful stomach….As soon as I saw that stomach and rubbed it with both hands, I said to myself, “JACKPOT!”…..Big girls are money in the bank when it comes to this website and the bigger the girl’s stomach, the more money I make!  I spread those big ass cheeks apart and got a nice asshole shot and I did everything in my power to spread all of that flesh and get the pussy shot. I’ve NEVER seen so much flesh wrapped around a pussy in all my life! First you had to get past the outside flap of flesh and then you have a second flap of flesh behind that….And once you have strained to spread the thighs and the flesh flaps, waaaaaay in the back behind that, you’ll find her pussy hole…..And she had so much muthafuckin babypowder down there, it was raining on my camera…I guess the big girls need powder down there to keep fresh…  

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