Thanksgiving Ham Hock

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Since it is the Thanksgiving Holiday, I thought that I would bring y'all a nice big girl for this week. A nice juicy Honeybaked Ham-Hock. I met hamhock a couple months ago and I started chillin out with her. I was driving home from work and I saw her standing outside of her house. I beeped my horn and she waved at me. I turned the car around, parked the car, got out and started talking to her. She lives in a rooming house and her neighbor sold weed so the first time that I met her, we went up to her crib and talked to her roomate who then sold us some fat nickelbags, rolled up some blunts, and layed out.

She has been over to the Budoir before just to smoke and drink with me. When I tried to get a little pussy, she told me that I would have to pay. Of course I declined and took her ass right back home. Since then she has been calling me wanting a ride and shit like that. A couple of times, I gave her a ride. But this girl was burning up my gas and taking up my time and I wasn't getting anything out of it. The last straw came when she called me one weekend and wanted me to pick her girlfriend up from the other side of town, bring her back to hamhock's house, and then drive her and her girlfriends to the bar where I would then be buying her drinks. I was like HELLS NO! I'll be Gotdamned if I play myself like a sucka driving these heifers all over the city and getting no ass out of it. So I told her, when she is ready to either give up some ass or help me make some money, then she is to call me back.

So she called this weekend. As soon as I saw her number on caller ID I knew that she was about to beg me for something. She asked me for $60 so that she could pay her phone bill. If she didn't pay it, her phone would be cutoff at midnight. Now Hamhock doesn't have phone service with the regular phone company like most people. She has some nigga-rigged phone service that she got from the check cashing store. They don't ask for ID or check credit and give you basic phone service for $50 a month. If you want caller ID, call waiting, or any of that shit, each feature is an extra $5 a month.. But if you don't pay your bill on time, they'll promptly cut your shit off. They don't play none of that "late fee" shit. And if you don't go down there and pay it in cash in person, they will cut your shit off because they don't accept checks or credit cards. I told her straight up that "I ain't got it". Then she started on the sales pitch. She told me her sad story about how she would have to get another number if it gets cut off and all of that shit. So I was like "I'll give you $60 if you'll get naked and take some pictures." I needed to make sure that I made my money back. Blackvaginafinder ain't no charity, nor is it a rest haven for hoes. If a woman wants to get some cash from me, she gotta bend over and spread those ass cheeks.

She said that she would do it, so "Big Daddy" got in the Hooptie to come save the day. She bent over and showed me and my Members, the open pussy, and in return, her phone service is still working. I like an even trade. I'd rather for a female to take some pictures for me than fuck me. I get nothing out of busting a nut. But with pictures, I'll make money off of her back for years to come.

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