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I just had to make a fuck video with this 18 year old big titty sensation...Her pussy feels so good that the more I bang this girl, the more attached I get to her......I even slipped up and told her that I loved her during this video....I'm writing this story while the video converts on some other software so I haven't seen the full video yet...I sure hope that it wasn't picked up. This is the first video that I've shot while in the van and the first thing I'll need to have if I do this again is have some lighting. Some parts of this long video are a little dark but it's a bonafied amateur video.....I think I'll do another one in a bedroom so that I can get a clearer shot.

As I usually do when I fuck this girl off camera, I busted a nut all up in her pussy....That's the only way I like to do it with her.....Having passionate raw sex with and busting a nut inside of a girl, especially a young girl, over and over again bonds that girl to you. so when she's talking to me on the phone and telling me that she's "dick deprived", It's my duty as a dirty old man to get over there and bust some big daddy sperm inside of her pronto before she lets one of those young bucks sniffing around her get to her.....So to stop that from happening, I gave her a nice creampie while she was riding my dick and as you can see, it's a nice big THICK creampie that I put up in that pussy....Normally, when I nut in her, I do it with her on her back or I do it doggystyle. so the nut goes deep inside her pussy and I make sure that as much of my sperm soaks into her body before she gets to a shower and scrubs her pussy out. But since I nutted with her on top of me, the sperm drained down and made a beautiful creampie. 

I was also able to take some nice pictures of her plump body that I will keep in my private stash for life....I got all up in her pussy and asshole and got both of them spread wide and upclose. I will be taking more pics of her and doing more videos of her over the years so that I can witness how her body changes. I will also enjoy fucking her year after year because even if she gets a little boyfriend, she still will let big daddy hit it....I know this because she just had one and I was fucking her on the regular while he barely hit it. She told me that she always wanted to be a porn star, so I might give her that wish. She might just be the next "butta butt". Only time will tell.

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