Tasty T

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I just finished shooting these pictures this Sunday afternoon. I can still smell her perform on me from when I was kissing on her neck and sucking on those titties. 

This 22 year old chocolate tender was referred to me by another girl who is on this website. I've had this girl's number for a few months now but I never bothered to call her. I didn't know what she looked like and when she originally called me, a friend of hers called 60 seconds earlier so I had both of them on the phone at one time. I made the wrong choice and went over to her friends house instead. I was never able to work out a shoot with the other girl due to her ignorance and since she kind of pissed me off, I didn't feel like calling her friend for months. Damn was I a stupid muthafucka!

Tasty called me up a few days ago to see what was up with some pictures and since it's freezing outside, making it harder to find new girls, I gotta live on my referrals during the winter. I don't like doing this a lot because I have to pay a "referral fee" to any of my former girls who refer me to their friends in addition to what I have to pay the girl that she refers to me. 

Taste is 5'9" tall and weighs 160 pounds so she's a nice thicky thang. She has her own crib in one of the projects on the other side of town. She has one child and even though she isn't with her baby's father, she lets him stay at her house for now because the nigga is too lazy and pitiful to get his own shit. So he sleeps on the couch while she has some other nigga upstairs in her bed tappin that ass and putting sucker-bites on her neck....In fact, when I went over her place to pick her up, the nigga was there and he knew where she was going and what she was about to do and he couldn't say shit to her about it. When she got in the car, she had a big dark ass sucker-bite on her neck that one of her niggas gave her last night....I'm sorry but you have to be one pitiful negro to have to lay on the couch in your babymomma's house while she's getting her fine ass plowed by another nigga right upstairs. She has that nigga in check and he should be ashamed of himself for allowing himself to get to the point of begging from a woman.

We got to my house and we took some shots of liquor and rolled up a nice phat blunt while I talked with her for a little bit. She seemed to be a cool person and we hit it off well....She had on some big baggy clothes and she was hiding her body but when those clothes came off and that ass popped out I was like Oh My God!.....Then she took her shirt off and out popped some luscious soft brown titties with pretty nipples and nice big round brown circles the size of silver dollars. I couldn't help myself and I immediately grabbed a titty and took a little suck...She liked the way it felt so she wasn't trying to stop me. Then I took pictures of this girl from all angles and got deep into her pussy and her asshole. And when I was on the couch sitting between her pretty thighs to take the pussy shots I had to take 6 shots of her pussy to get a clear picture because she was turning me on so much, my hand was shaking too bad to hold the camera still....I would have fucked her right there on the spot but I knew that a nigga had been up in it the night before so I wanted to let the pussy marinate a little before I hit it myself. 

But that didn't stop me from feeling on her and kissing her neck after the photoshoot. There's nothing wrong with getting a little feel on. It's part of the job in my opinion. These other photographers can be all "professional" if they want and not touch the models but not me! I'm gonna grope the girls up every time baby! I'm a pervert for life....Plus I could tell that she liked the way I was touching since she ended up putting her arms around me and rubbing me back and all of that shit that women do when they get turned on by a nigga like me, the sexy chocolate boy wonder....Damn she felt so good! and she smelled so good! and her body is so fucking soft, I wanted to just bend her over on the couch and ream that ass...

She said that she gives the bomb ass blowjob so you know for DAMN sure that I'm about to call up the white girl that I buy my Viagra from and then call Tasty T back for a blowjob scene....It may be up next week, it may not. It just depends on what pussy I run into between now and then. Tasty T already has a girl that she has in mind to do a lesbian video with in addition to the blowjob scene that she'll be doing....I might even bang the chick for my own enjoyment later on if she doesn't turn out to be too hoodrat-ish. 

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