Tasty T is pregnant

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I would like to present to you this sexy ass chocolate woman named "TastyT". I've shot pictures of her over a year ago and as soon as I was introduced to her by another girl on this website, I was instantly attracted to her body and her sweet affectionate personality. Even back then, she had nice hanging tits and a beautiful shapely ass on her. She used to come over my house and smoke with me and we would always have a good time. She always smells good and when she hugs you, it's a motherly type hug....It makes a nigga feel right at home in her arms....And I'm not on some kind of feminine bitch shit when I say that. I don't care how hard of a man you are, it ALWAYS feels good when a woman knows how to hug a nigga right and make him feel like he's a little boy again in his mothers arms. That's how it really feels.

Anyway, since I meet so many women, I eventually lost contact with her. But it would never fail where I would see her at the bus stop with her son looking all tired and shit and I just happen to be driving by. And when I see her, I always gotta offer a ride and she always takes the ride. It sure beats waiting at the bus stop with a complaining child....I also said that she lived with her babydaddy but she was running that nigga. Since he lived in HER apartment, she would do whatever she wanted and that nigga wouldn't do shit. He would even be downstairs on the couch while she was up in her bedroom kickin it with another nigga....So even though she's sweet acting and all of that, once she doesn't give a shit about you, she won't hesitate to take your manhood away with the quickness and will let you know straight up that SHE'S running shit, not the man.

I also lost contact with TastyT because I started messing around with one of the girls in her circle named "LonnieLicious"and I didn't want to add anymore drama. LonnieLicious girl is on this website also and one time when I went to visit her at a house, I ended up being in the living room with FIVE different girls, including TastyT that have been on blackvaginafinder.com and all of them had tasted my dick before....The other dudes in the room had no idea that I had gotten some head from most of the girls in the room....If you're in the members section and see LonnieLicious, look at the ass on that girl. It's perfect. Once I tapped that ass from the back I was hooked so I kind of let my other current girls cool off for a minute while I enjoyed that ass.

And as you can see, somebody was enjoying TastyT's ass also....I don't blame the nigga who knocked her up. It's hard not to fuck a woman like that and not eventually hitting that pussy raw and busting a fat nut up in her....She's so cool to be around with and she's so affectionate, no man in his right mind could resist it. That's another reason why I picked Lonnielicious over TastyT because Lonnielicious' tubes are tied and if I slipped up, nothing would happen. If I hung around TastyT, that would very well have been my baby up in her right now. And I'm sure glad that it isn't! I'm not trying to make any babies with ANYBODY....I might have another kid with my babymomma but that's it. And even though it would probably add more drama, I've come to realize that no matter who the woman is, you'll have bullshit and drama so fuck it....But I ain't about to knock up these girls out here in the hood....But Damn....those titties! And her nipples are long and black and wrinkly just like my babymomma's. I had to pop one of those milk filled breasts in my mouth for a second. But since I was in a hurry and had somebody in the car outside waiting for me while I took the pictures, I didn't suck on them long enough to draw out some of that sweet breastmilk.

She's not currently with the man who she is pregnant by so if any of y'all people out there that wants a ready made family, and a new baby that will grow up to call you daddy, let me know and you can fly them outta here and give them a new life. She's a great catch for a man in his 40's-60's...Her older son is well behaved and she's 100% available RIGHT NOW. She'll even take a white man if he's cool and has a lot of money....I guarantee you that you won't regret it. And a LOT of you men that are reading this right now are sitting at home by yourself and lonely like a muthafucka....No woman, no kids around, nothing but your big house and your computer....If you have money, take this woman for your own....Fly her out to the west coast or down south or somewhere and start a new life. I'm serious. Her pussy is wonderful and she sucks dick right. If I was a 50 year old man, I'd take her in a heartbeat.

So Click Here To Join to see how her body has changed since her pregnancy. Her titties are fuller and her ass sticks out farther....When I went over her house and she answered the door, she had on this cotton nightgown and her ass hump formed a massive tent in the back....And check out the wide open pussyshot that I have of her from the back. I have that pussyhole so open, you can see the baby waving back at you from in there!....I put my face up to the canyon of a pussyhole and yelled, "Helllllooooo There baby!"...The little nigga yelled back, "Wasssssssssup!".

I'll see y'all next time with some more black vagina.

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