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"Tasha" Sucks & Fucks!

Since I just shot this video a couple of days ago, I figured that I would just give it to y'all fresh off of the camera. A while ago I took pictures of this girl and at the time she had that lean body with a nice ass, ample breasts and a slim waistline. In fact, you can see for yourself in this free gallery of her. I also shot a great blowjob scene with her a little bit after that and she did it so well, I wanted to bring her back when I could. But the thing is that she has been locked up in a halfway house for about six months.....I knew this because her girlfriend Money, had called me crying one night because Tasha got picked up and she wanted me to come over there so that she could have "a shoulder to cry on". 

Some of y'all might remember that story I told about that night because it was the same time where I met the girl what Money was living with named "Lockjaw" and that lockjaw had lost her kids to child services the same night where Money's girlfriend was locked up and they were both in the house crying. I won't rehash the story about it here but members can read Lockjaw's story for more details about it....

Anyway, six months later, Tasha calls me up on the phone and wants to know if she can make some money. At the time, I wasn't up to it so I told her to wait awhile and I would get around to her....But then this past Sunday, I was driving around all day looking for some pussy and couldn't find any. I was thinking to myself that I should just call Tasha and see what she can do for me to help me get my nut off but I didn't call....Less than an hour later, she happened to call me while I was out driving so I just went to her side of town to pick her up. 

I went to meet her at a McDonalds and when I saw her, I noticed that she got chunkier than she was before. She said that the food in the halfway house was pretty good and she was eating real good and that's how she got chunky. It still amazes me after being in this business for awhile how a woman's body can change in such a short period of time...But even though she gained weight, her ass was just as firm and round as ever....

After we had some drinks, it was time to get down to business....And I know that lot of y'all don't believe me when I say that this shit is just business, it really is.....Yes, I'm getting my dick sucked...Yes I'm squeezing asses and titties....Yes, sometimes I may slide my penis up in some pussy....But in reality, it's just BUSINESS...Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, Tasha doesn't even fuck men anymore. She's now crossed all the way over into the realm of pussy but because it was BUSINESS, I was allowed to slide my dick up in her and man was her pussy GOOD!...

I wasn't even planning on fucking her. I just wanted another blowjob but she was doing it so good, I told her to go grab one of my condoms and then sit on my dick and she did just that. And I gotta be REALLY turned on to get hard enough to fuck somebody with a condom....That's why I just don't fuck much anymore and instead use my hands or somebody's mouth. But this time, I had to make an exception....And I'll have to apologize to y'all....I was hanging in there while she was doing the blowjob but once she sat that fat round chocolate ass on my dick, it didn't take long for me to bust a nut. But that's just how shit goes....Deal with it.

So Members Click Here to watch this video and all of the other videos and pictures that I took and I'll see y'all next week with some more black ghetto pussy....And be sure to check out my audio talkshow blog at MrNoGood.com . I talked about Hurricane Katrina and other shit in the most recent show.

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