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A lot of y'all have been big fans of this girl, "Track Runnin Tae Tae"....But if you can remember, TaeTae was a real skinny chick....She was bony as hell back then but still had a nice body on her. But I was driving around one day and I saw a HUGE booty in some tight white shorts walking up the street. I didn't know who she was at first and all I saw was that booty. When I went to blow the horn at her and she turned around, I remembered who she was..

When she got in the car, I asked her "What Happened?" and she told me that she was finally able to kick her drug problem and she's been clean for months now. If you don't believe me, click on this free gallery of her back when she was skinny. Now isn't that a BIG fucking difference?.....She stopped running the streets and she now lives with her mother....Since I went to high school with this girl, I was real happy for her. But I still couldn't believe how a butt could get so big in a matter of months....So what I did was take her back to my house to take some pictures of her and I MIGHT put those up next week or I may put up this 49 year old brawd that I found...Who knows what mood I'll be in next week... But in the meanwhile, TaeTae came back over my house the other day wanting to make some money.  It was a hot day outside and she walked a long way and she was hot and tired. So I got her a glass of ice water. While I was getting the water, she asked if she could take her clothes off and cool off in front of the fan and I said sure. 

I get back into the living room and this girl is butt naked and is all over the place shaking her huge ass so I just go ahead and grab the camera so that I can record what is going on. I was going to fuck her but I couldn't get hard enough for that so I just let her suck my dick and balls and jiggle her ass for the camera....

Members will be able to see that the woman is a ham for the camera and y'all gotta see how THUNDEROUS that booty has gotten....And man she knew how to stretch my ballsac to the limit when she was sucking on my testicles.....So Click Here To Join so that you can see this video and also see over FIFTY (50) different video episodes for your enjoyment and over 150 different picture sets....And I'll see y'all next week with something else to look at.....

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