"Syrup" Dumb as a stone bitch returns for decent head

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Even though she gave me a decent blowjob, I'm mad as hell that I picked this brawd up....Mainly because I don't like argumentative dumb bitches like this one....This woman was on the site before and I named her "Syrup" because she's a slow minded hoe....And her bullshit carried over this time when I saw her.

I was out and about on the hunt and I was just about to come up on my usual hunting strip in the ghetto....My strip starts after I cross a certain street...However, there is a stop light there and I was waiting at the light when across the street, right at the beginning of the strip, I see Syrup walking in the parking lot of this A-rab corner store....She was walking slow and shit and looking around like she was looking to get into something...Y'all know that kind of walk.........I spot it immediately and as soon as the light changes, I speed across the street, pull into the parking lot, and toot my horn at her before she is able to walk in the front door of the store....She turns around and gets in the van.

As soon as she got in the van, I remembered her FACE, meaning that I didn't know exactly who the hoe was at first....So the first thing I asked her was if she remembered me and she did....she said that she was pissed because somebody that she knew saw her on this website and told her about it.....Since she said she was pissed, I was about to drop her off but she needed the money so she said that she was willing to let bygones be bygones.....I told her that I was just going to shoot another video with her and she started talking about how she didn't want her face shown, HOWEVER, for $5 more, she would have no problem....Now I should've just dropped the bitch off but I didn't...

So then we park right there and she gets in the back of the van and then tries to say that she wanted more money to show her ass beforehand...I declined and told her to pull her pants down....So then while she was giving me head, she kept trying to move her head all over the place to avoid the camera and all I did was follow her head movements with the camera and I caught everything....She then tried to re-negotiate the deal and say for $10 more, she would catch my cum in her mouth....I said fuck that and just nutted in her mouth anyway and that pissed her off too....Oh well..

Then when we were done, she was talking some nonsense about how she was about to call the police...I told this dumb ass bitch to get out of my car.....The cops are just gonna laugh at her....What are they going to do but laugh at the hoe?

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