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For the past month, I have been telling y'all about this phone chatline that I discovered and how I was trying to use it to recruit girls to get naked for the website. Well, once again, my prediction has come true. It was cold as hell outside on a Sunday and I didn't feel like driving around because I knew that the pickings were going to be scarce. 

Something in my heart was telling me that if I called the chatline, I would be able to find some pussy. I haven't succeeded any other time to get a girl naked for the site but for some reason I felt that today would be my lucky day. That is where I found Suzie. The way the chatline works is that you make a short intro message for a temporary mailbox. Then you browse the women's mailboxes who are online and if you like what you hear, you press a button to leave a message for her. She's getting messages from not only you but other men. I asked her what she was looking for and she told me that she was looking for "Generous Fun". I sent another message telling her that it was her lucky day cause I was trying to spend some money. 

We then requested a live connection to speed up the price negotiation process. At first she didn't agree to my price and was trying to get snippy so I said cool, left the live conversation, and went back to browsing mailboxes. There weren't any more women on the line and I know for a fact that there are always more women than men on the line since men have to pay for it and for women it's free. I was about to hang up but I knew that she would send me another message reconsidering my offer. Sure enough, she did. She gave me her address and phone number and I was on my way over to her house.

She said that she just moved back home from a nearby city. She was living with a man who she met on the same chatline that she met me on. She said that she's met men from all over. Men from as far as West Virginia have sent her bus tickets to come see them. She still doesn't have any furniture in the place since she just moved in. But judging from the condition of the house, I don't think there will be any furniture in there any time soon. She has a 3 year old boy living with her. I went past his room to get to hers and it was FUCKED UP! Some raggedy toys spread all over the place and I don't even recall seeing a bed in there. She puts the kid in the room and tells him to play with his toys and leads me to her room. This boy doesn't listen to a thing she says. He was constantly coming in the room. So I just locked her bedroom door. The whole time I was taking the pictures, that kid was banging on her door and screaming at the top of his lungs. It was really fucking up my concentration. However, I got what I wanted. I'm making the sample picture of her from the back so that I could talk about her more candidly. Members will see her face, her huge soft floppy titties, the juicy asshole, and a pussy that when she bent over and opened it, all I saw was a big gaping hole that led to empty darkness. If I had a flashlight, I would have actually been able to see inside of her. Her pussy was that big. You better have a big dick if you wanna fuck this cause if if you're a narrow brotha, you wouldn't feel shit fucking this pussy. All you'd be fucking is some hot air and a little bit of skin. 

Y'all know that I like them big girls. I wouldn't have minded fucking her right there on the spot. I could if I wanted to. However, her kid was screaming and banging on the door and that pussy wasn't within the aroma range of something that I'd like to fuck. I'm not saying that her pussy smelled bad because it didn't. Just something about the chemistry makeup of her pussy just made me not want to fuck it. Anyways, my dick was still healing up from a vigorous masturbation session, so that cancelled out her sucking my dick. I've been lifting weights and calluses have been building up on my hands. I gotta start wearing gloves or I'll wear my dick raw every time I jack off. 

After the photoshoot, she told me that she had a girlfriend who lived down the street. She said that she would get her. Now she doesn't have a phone so she puts on her clothes and goes outside and LEAVES ME IN THE HOUSE WITH HER 3 YEAR OLD KID! Now granted, she's only going up the street and I've already paid her for the pictures so I'm at least trustworthy with money. But why in the hell do you leave me with your kid ALONE? When his mama walked out the door, he was just real silent and just looked up at me with a helpless look on his face. I patted the boy on his head, knelt down beside him and told him that everything would be alright. I said, "I know that you're living in a kind of a fucked up situation right now, but just hang in there. When you get older, it will get better." His father is in jail somewhere so it's just him and his mama trying to make it. He's actually a very friendly kid. Just picking him up and down real fast a few times made the kid follow me all over the fucking house begging for more attention.

After, I took her friend's pictures, I packed up my gear and got ready to go. I had a function at church to go to and I wasn't trying to miss the free food. This woman doesn't have any food in the house and some new money in her hand that I just gave her. What does she do instead of the smart thing of going to the grocery store? She says that she's going to order some food for delivery. Why the fuck waste your money on delivery food when your kid is begging you for something to eat? As soon as they eat that delivery food, he's going to be hungry later on that night and then what? 

Oh well, at least my kids are going to eat well because her pussy is about to make me the money back that I paid her plus some. I keep a wide array of hot and cold cereals available for my kids, got gallons of milk in the fridge, and we shop at the second best grocery store in town. I gotta work a little harder to go to the best gourmet grocery store where they have wine and cheese tastings, fresh croissants and other pastries and cappuccino. But anyway, it's all paid for by the PUSSY and I love it. 

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