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Now look at the ass on this girl. I mean it's damn near perfect. I saw her walking down the street within my main hunting grounds and I saw from three blocks away in her loose jeans that she had a nice ass and a set of hips on her. As soon as I saw her, I knew that I had to have her. I didn't know if she was a "working girl" or not but since she was on the street that is known for having a lot of hoes on it, I figured that she was a hoe that I've never seen before. 

I was right...she was out on the streets selling her ass......When I first saw her, I didn't have time to shoot her pictures but she looked so good, I had to give her a ride and a business card and I told her that as soon as I got finished running my errands, I would find her and give her some money to get naked for me. This 31 year old girl was so pressed to get high, that she begged me to give her the money for the pictures now and that she would come back later and pose. I knew that wasn't going to happen and I told her no...But then she asked me if I could hold her state ID for awhile just to give her 10 dollars until later and I said that's cool. She handed me her ID and I handed her $10 to go run the streets.

Both when I first saw her and when I picked her up later, as soon as she got in the car, that smell hit me. And she didn't even have that ordinary funk that you find on these crackheads. It was a kind of fuck that I've never smelled before. It was the kind of funk that if you breathed in too hard, you would get lightheaded and woozy. But her ass and hips were so nice, I had to ignore it. I know that y'all are really going to enjoy the update for this week. I got the wide open pussy shots and the juicy bootyhole shots as always.

I'm about to FINALLY expand into the video sales arena come this summer. That means that I'll be getting some of your favorite hoes to suck some dick and fuck on camera. I think I'll sell them on DVD or I might provide them here on my website. This girl Stephanie is trying to do all of the porn movies that she can do. She's willing to do ANYTHING and she calls me every day. I'm seriously going to consider fucking this girl on video. But of course I'm going to need a brand new condom and she's going to have to wash her ass thoroughly before she does any scenes....Because the smell that she had on her didn't make any kind of sense.

I just wanted to say a little about this war that we have going on with Iraq. Some of y'all that are members of my Yahoo club may remember an email that I sent out MINUTES AFTER the attacks on the world trade center saying that we were at war and that this world is controlled by people who have much more power than the likes of the president of the united states. And I also said that very minute that we were about to go to war. I didn't know what country that we would be fighting, but I knew that it was going to happen....

Here we are in the year 2003 and we have an invasion on Iraq going on. Everybody with a half a clue knows that this war is about oil and helping Israel maintain dominance in the middle east. But you know what? I really don't give a fuck. Because if the tables were turned and those Arabs had a chance to dictate policy with us, they would sure do it. They'd have all of our women wearing veil's over their faces and would be killing people for committing adultery. There ain't no way I'd live under that muslim extremist shit. So what I say about it is fuck them. As long as I can sit here on my fat ass and drink liquor, and go to Popeye's Chicken whenever I want, and I can keep going to the grocery store and getting anything I want for me and my kids to eat, I don't give a damn what happens over there. 

North Korea has openly stated that they are developing a nuclear program and that they now have missiles that are capable of reaching the west coast of the USA. They also openly stated that if the USA tries to fuck with them in any way, it would result in full scale war. Why in the hell do you think our president isn't going to fuck with North Korea? Because North Korea could cause some big shit with those nuclear weapons and also it wouldn't benefit the US to fuck with North Korea because they're one of the poorest countries on earth and they don't have any natural resources that would help the US recoup their investment in the war.  

With Iraq, it's different. Iraq is capable of producing a large percentage of the total oil in the world. If we can go in there and control their oil fields, it would mean a boom in our economy. I predict an economy that will rival that of the 50's after World War Two. Life was good back then, at least for white people after the war. Because all of that money that they made off of Germany was pumped into our economy.  So I say to our president, go over there and kick Iraq's asses. It ain't like I can do shit about it anyway. And after the war is over, I'll be one of the people benefiting from the spoils.

Back in Ancient times, leaders like Alexander the Great could just tell his people that he was off to Egypt to take their riches and bring them back to the empire. His people accepted it, and he went off to do brutal things.  Now you have to be more "politically correct". So our president can't just come out and say why we're over there..He has to make up some bullshit to pacify the ignorant do-gooders of our country. The people who know the deal knows that this war is about OIL....I wish he could just tell the real deal and tell the do-gooders to shut the fuck up. There are countries all of the world that would love to invade us and take our riches and fuck up our lifestyles. But they can't do it.....Why? Because the United States is nothing more than a modernized version of Rome...I don't know what happened back in the day, but somehow our country is tied to Ancient Rome and in the meantime, Israel has somehow become entertwined with the US and the whole thing is geared to fuck the Arabs over. 

But can you believe how those Iraqi's are fighting back? I thought that they were just going to bitch out like last time. But last time, the Iraqi soldiers were stuck way out in Kuwait....This time, they're fighting from their home villages. It's a whole different ball game now. The Iraqi military have abandoned their uniforms and are fighting in civilian clothes. They've got a shitload of those rocket propelled grenades. And they're actually making some kills on the US soldiers. The worst part was when they captured that maintenance division that made a wrong turn. That Black Girl, Shoshonda looked scared like a muthafucka. Her eyes were wide as hell. She was just a cook. She didn't know what in the hell was going on. And we all know what happened to that girl once the cameras went off. Hell, they shot some of her comrades in the forehead right in front of her. So what kind of horrors awaited her from those sadistic Iraqi soldiers? And the men aren't getting off any better. They're getting beaten and tortured and then killed and buried in the desert. You've noticed that they haven't mentioned them anymore. The Red Cross haven't been able to get to them to interview them and we don't even know where they are. Personally, I think that they're either already dead or they're wishing that they were. I'm just glad that I'm not over there. 

All I know is that I have a new respect for those soldiers. Cause I know that I couldn't do it. I'd fuck around and get shot because I'm not paying attention. I'll leave the fighting to the Marines. My job is to provide some porn to the masses. 

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