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Yes, yes...I know....This website is dedicated to BLACK women..But like I've said before, every once in awhile, a nigga runs across some white pussy. This girl is named Stacycat and she has her own website at . I met her while I was at the Porn convention in Florida last week. In fact, she was my roomate, along with another girl. The hotel rooms at the resort in Florida costs $139 a night and I was going to be there for four nights. There was no way in hell I was going to pay for that by myself..So we split the room three ways. It worked out fine. Me and Stacy were taking a rest from socializing and networking at the convention, so while we were relaxing, we decided to take these pictures. I want to give a big shoutout to Stacy for letting me take these pictures for free. You can also see these pictures on her own website, along with a lot of other stuff. Her site is part of a network of other BBW websites and they're all some good websites. I saw the people who run the network down there in Florida and they were spending big money on their girls, including Stacy so they must be doing something right.

I got some pics of her on our balcony, in the hotel room itself, and in the bathtub. And she never had a wide open pussy picture taken of her before so she never knew what the guts of her pussy looked like from that perspective until I showed her.....There isn't much more of a story to this since I would rather talk about my trip to the porn convention. Enjoy these pictures and I have some nice raunchy video of this big booty black chick coming next week. 

As I said, I was in Hollywood, Florida for the semi-annual internet porn convention. It's a place where you can meet all of the big players in the porn game. Most of the shit you see online today, you could find someone in their company walking around....I went to the bathroom by the pool to take a piss and just in there, I meet a dude who is responsible for the programming of Playboy's hardcore channel, Spicetv. I'm at a party at this dude's house and I meet another dude who is responsible for all of the video that you see on Hustler's site. You could be walking past a multimillionaire and never know it because he may have on some bummy jeans and a t-shirt. And yes, you could meet a lot of pornstars....But they're not trying to fuck you unless you pay them and meeting them is useless. You go to that convention to meet the BUSINESSMEN of the porn game......This is my second convention as I went to the past January Las Vegas show. I was able to make some good contacts and some great business deals that could possibly triple my income and wouldn't have me doing any more work than I'm doing now! For instance, I was eating a nice steak dinner courtesy of Mark and Ian of my billing company, CCbill and while we were eating Filet Mignon, (I was eating an 18oz ribeye), I was able to make a contact with a dude who wants to start buying black porn content. A LOT of the people there were telling me that they couldn't find good black amateur style porn and they needed help in finding it....Well, I'm about to be the nigga providing that shit. Soon, you'll start seeing my pictures and videos sold on other places throughout the internet. I'll also have some DVD's of my shit being resold by a few distribution companies. 

I shit you not. Most of the people at this convention were white. Most of the black men that were there were actors. For instance, I regularly saw Lexington Steele hanging out and a good amount of the West Coast Production black studs at the parties...And they seem to be cool folks. But there were hardly ANY black PRODUCERS of black amateur porn there. And I'm telling you, this whole resort was booked full of pornographers, along with the Holiday Inn down the street and also the pornographers from Florida. And hardly any of them were black....And I swear to God these white folks were saying the same thing....."We can't find any good ebony content...CAN YOU HELP US?".......Why certainly I can help y'all...And I'll be helping y'all for years and years to come....

I have learned that the porn biz is a very small tightknit group of people. And once you can get within the circle, you're good! You don't have to work for it anymore. It will come natural. The longer you hang around, the more private get togethers and paid for dinners you get invited to...And after that, THE MORE BUSINESS GETS DONE! You're way more likely to get a good deal done while everybody is drunk and in a good mood by the pool and feeling the ocean breeze on our faces......I got another great deal....I don't go into details but I met one dude who I met in vegas before by the bar and he said, "I'm drunk right now but when we get back, contact me, send me so and so, I'll do so and so, and you just sit back and watch the money roll in".....I was like COOL!!.........

I went to this one party where the man who was throwing it was one of the founders of the first porn website on the internet, cybererotica.....He had shuttle buses pick people up at the resort and drive us 40 minutes to his house...His crib is right on the intercoastal waterway and he had his yacht parked right on the water in the back of the house....He had a DJ, some caterers who made some bomb ass grilled chicken and hamburgers, and an open bar with a lot of mid to top shelf liquor...all you could drink...and he had a big inflatable pool filled with ice where you could get a beer....Then they had a bikini contest with about twenty white bitches and one scraggly asian bitch.....I don't know who won but I have round one and round two on video and it's available in the members section..So if you like white bitches in thong bikini's, check those videos out. At the end of the night, the host was throwing money in the pool for the hoes to jump in the pool and get...Luckily, I was able to snag $35 on the side of the pool....Two local people told me to stick around after the convention goers left because they were going to have an orgy with those bitches....I didn't stay because we were too far from the hotel and I didn't want to get stuck there and having to pay $80 for a cab ride home....But now, I'm mad that I didn't stay.  

Another night they had a nice party called "Pornapalooza"....On one side of the club, they had a studio set up with a bed and lighting where all kinds of girls were getting fucked. They even had a mechanical chair where the girl could sit in the chair and the dildo would drill her to climax....I heard some wild shit went on in there but I didn't see a lot of it because on the other side, they had a little hiphop show....That little asian dude named "Jin" who was a champion on BET's 106 and Park was performing....So I decided to see what would happen if I just stepped up on the stage. and started dancing with the white bitches on the stage while that little Asian nigga was rappin...I even stepped up on the very front of the stage like I was his hype man or something. I had a good time. 

And the food was expensive like a muthafucka....It was hard to find anywhere cheap to eat near the hotel so if you wanted to order room service, you would pay out the ass....A simple order of bacon and eggs would cost me $20...They were selling bottled water for $7  and they didn't have one water fountain anywhere in this 800 million dollar hotel. The whole place is designed to rob you of as much money as they can...I didn't like it but now I realize that it was worth it...The stack of business cards I've collected will more than make up for the cost of this trip.

Oh yeah, and the rapper, Too Short was there. He did a performance at the resort....It was about to be a pool party but then it rained and they had to move it inside. Tooshort is trying to start his own black pornsite called . He even has a song out about it with the same name.....And while I was in the mall, I even saw MICHAEL JACKSON! He was in the mall down there...Those folks went nuts and there was a stampede...luckily I had my video camera up so I'll be putting that up soon. 

Stay tuned next week for the raunchy video that I have promised you....It doesn't get much better than Black Vagina Finder...Soon to be your provider of amateur black porn throughout the internet.....And you don't gotta believe me if you don't want to..


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