Sonar Young Ho Thang Sucks Me Off!

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Now this is a sexy piece of young ass right here.....She's 21 years old slimmie with smooth dark skin and a tight body on her....Just the way I like em.....I call her 'Sonar' because she is hearing impaired.....I don't know how much or little she can hear but you can easily hold a conversation with her as long as you are looking directly at her...

This girl also makes the third piece of black pussy that I've found on the same street corner.....I think I found next week's girl a little farther up the street but I can't remember........Anyway, when I saw this girl, she was on the corner with another girl who I already picked up and shot pics and videos of in the past....I can't remember who it was but she was the more aggressive girl when I passed the corner but as soon as I recognized her, I looked right past her and motioned for the deaf girl to come get in the van....There's no way I'm going to pass up a fresh girl in her early 20's in favor of a woman in her late 30's that I shot already....It wasn't even a choice.

Since there was another working around that knew what goes on in my van, there was no way that I could park anywhere within walking distance from where I picked Sonar up at....Sometimes I will just turn a corner and park if the coast is clear but parking far away guarantees that I won't have any problems........So we found somewhere decent to park somewhere that I can't remember and we got down to business.....When she took off her clothes, I couldn't help but rub my hands all over her smooth toned body...

Plus she gave me a nice thorough blowjob and took the whole load right in her mouth....All in all, I was satisfied and I'm sure that members will be satisfied also.....

So Click Here To Join to see Sonar's upclose pussy and asshole pics, plus her wonderful blowjob video.....And I'll see y'all next week with another piece of fresh never before seen mature black pussy.....I'll be updating from out of the country because this time next week, I will be in Central America smoking on some nice herb, drinking crisp local beer, rubbing on phat asses, and eating freshly caught fish from the ocean damn near every day.........Thanks to all of you for your continued support.......Here is a video from last year's trip...And I'll put up pictures of my recent trip once I return in a couple of weeks.. 

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