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Some of y'all might have heard me talk about this girl before named Yoyo at my job. She was the first woman at my job who let me know that she was interested in fucking me. I knew that I would have all the girls on me before I started this job. This girl came at me during training! That means that the rest of the girls at the job haven't even seen me yet and I got a girl on me already. These girls at my job just give me their phone numbers without me asking, flirt with me all the time, hug and rub on me 

She has been over to the Budoir plenty of times to drink and smoke with me after work. Eventually, I ended up having my dick in her mouth. And boy, does she love to SWALLOW! 

She doesn't work at my job anymore so I don't see her much. But one day, when I was in the breakroom, she called me on my cellphone and told me that she needed some money to get her hair done. I was happy to help her out. But she and I knows that nothing comes free. She knew that she finally had to pose fully for me. I have been trying to get her on this website for months and she kept turning me down. However, she wasn't EVER turning me down on the pussy and the blowjobs :) 

As always, I got the upclose pussy shots and then I bent her phat chocolate ass over and got the bootyhole shot. She loves it when I fuck her from the back. She is about to get married soon and if her Fiance saw these pictures, the wedding would be over and a lot of people would be in a lot of trouble. But the chances of that happening are slim to none and if it does, it isn't my problem. I handled the business end on my part. She'll still be giving me the pussy and still swallowing my nut way after she walks down the aisle with that other nigga.

And little does her future husband know that I'll be making money off of his wife's pussy for years and years to come, plus sliding my dick in her mouth and bustin nuts down her throat time after time  long before her husband gets home from his blue collar job and hands over his hard earned paycheck to her to support the family. I'm even gonna go to the wedding and give the newlywed couple a nice gift. That's the least that I can do for the privilege of fucking his wife and making money off of her naked pictures.

Am I cruel? HELL NO...I'm realistic. The same shit could happen to me and to any of y'all out there in internet land. I've had my share of jealous niggas, death threats, car chases, and near-arrests all due to some woman who is lying to me and 2-3 other niggas at the same time. It makes no sense, but it happens. Thank God that I have learned to smell bullshit a mile away and when I meet a woman who smells of bullshit, I instantly cut her off. I have no problem with leaving a woman standing in a nightclub parking lot if she's trying to play me. In fact, I did it with three girls at one time. It wasn't anything personal against 2 of the girls. But since the 3rd girl was the one that I was with and she was the one acting stupid, I had to leave all of them. Her name was "Miss Crispy Black", a girl that I have had on this website before. Another girl that I have had on this website is constantly running back and forth from her boyfriend who is beating her ass CONSTANTLY. Now I can get the pussy from her anytime that I want it but she spends most of her time with her boyfriend. This nigga damn near killed her when he tried to drown her in the bathtub. He even beats on his own female COUSIN. Now she calls me and tells me that she went back to him. I didn't say much. But she better not EVER call me again complaining about how he's fucking her over somehow cause I ain't trying to hear it. I'm not going to waste my time driving this girl around while she ducks in fear everytime she sees her man driving by. We all happen to live within a quarter mile of each other so I have seen her man more than once while I am with her. 

Why the fuck should I risk catching a charge fighting this nigga because he saw me with his girl? I don't give a fuck about these women like that! I even told homegirl that she knows that she is being stupid. The nigga is too much of a bitch to even talk to her father because he is too scared to come to the house! He knows that he's a fool and that her father would beat his ass if he came over there. He already tried to kill her more than once and I told her if I see her picture in the obituaries, I'll just say to myself "that's fucked up" and then I'll MOVE THE FUCK ON LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED! She's the one being dumb as hell and if she gets killed for it, that's her fuckin problem. I'm just out here to take pictures of pussy and make money, THAT'S IT! I also sprinkle a little knowledge on these hoes along the way but if they don't want to follow my advice, fuck em!

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