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I've decided that I'm going to need to take a weekend trip up to Chicago because the pickings around here are getting slim, at least for daytime hunting....Now if I'm willing to hunt at night, there's plenty of hoes to go around....But that means you will have a van parked in the middle of the night with camera flashes going off and with a video camera light on....That will get me a quick trip to the county jail and I ain't with that.....So I'm going to have to go to Chicago where hoes are everywhere day and night and just go hard...

But on this particular day, I was driving along my usual strip, where I used to see a ton of hoes...Now it's like a ghost town....It's like hoes around here are too lazy to come out and make any money during the day....But as we all know...I only need one hoe at a time...And I saw this girl and her phat ass walking around....She got in the car and she was on some bullshit.....I almost kicked her out of the van a couple of times because she kept back talking....She first started off with saying she didn't want to take pictures of her face and I almost booted her then....Then she gave me some more static about giving head on video and again, I was about to throw her out....However, I was able to get her to cooperate in the end...

She had a nice pink pussy on her and I got it close up and wide open....I also have the blowjob video obviously.

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