shuga lez

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I told y'all that June is "Big Girl Month". This is the third big girl in a row. Y'all are really loving these nice chunky women too because sales have been phenomenal!! Keep it up and I'll give y'all a nice fat dark skinned big booty girl next week.

I found this girl, "Shuga-Lez" by way of some creative marketing. One of the ways that I advertise for girls is to go to the local Asian cornerstores and carryouts and and I leave one of my business cards in the store and hope that some broke female will see it and call me. Well, one day I got a call from a man who was asking all kinds of questions about my photography business and if he could "come over and check out some of my work". I instantly got suspicious because men don't usually call me and ask to check out my work. I assumed that he was a cop so I politely declined his offer.  He then told me that he knew some girls that wanted to get on the internet and that he would have them call me. I figured that he was recruiting some female cop in the precinct to try and lure me in for some reason. I almost told the man that I was on to his game and that I wasn't doing anything illegal and there wasn't any reason to be investigating me. I changed my mind however and just hung up and I hoped that I would never hear from him again.

Then two days later, Shuga-Lez calls me and told me that she was a friend of the man who had called me before. I was skeptical about it but after she gave me the address of her house and told me to come over, I figured that she was legitimate, especially since I lived around the corner from her. So I walked over to her house so that she couldn't see my car and sure enough, it was a real woman who answered the door in some tight cutoff shorts and she was trying to set up a time so that she could get naked. 

I came back over her house a few days later for the photoshoot. I brought over some Bacardi Gold Rum so that we could get loosened up before the shoot. Then she pulls out a nice fat joint and we start smoking on that shit. After we got nice and loaded, I had her take off her clothes. Y'all know that I love the big girls and after she got her clothes off, I couldn't help myself. My dick got hard and once that happens, there isn't much turning back. So I took a little sample of this pussy for myself. She has some of the cleanest juiciest pussy you've ever seen. And it was deep and wet too. As usual, I had her moaning like a muthafucka as I worked my magic on her. Yeah I know that she has a big stomach on her but let's be realistic here. Y'all know that snatching up some stomach fat rolls while you're banging the shit out of a big girl feels real good. If you haven't experienced it, try it. A skinny girl doesn't compare to the experience of fucking a big girl.

She told me that she wants to start her own website with her doing a lot of lesbian shit and stuff like that. I don't have any doubt that it would be successful but I'm just lazy. I don't feel like maintaining another website. Maybe if the response from the public is high enough, I might change my mind.

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