"She Devil"

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I found this girl years ago one night when I was coming home from the nightclub...It was around 4 in the morning and I wasn't ready to go home yet and I was driving around to see what I could find...I then saw "She Devil" walking down the street BAREFOOT with nothing to her name but the clothes on her back....Being the kind soul that I am, I immediately brought her home to take her under my wing...I put some clothes on her back, fed her, and did what I could to set her straight...I knew that she was young and I couldn't do anything with her at the time but she had a BEAUTIFUL lean body with perfect skin and the best set of perky tits that I've seen in a long time...I was just going to sit on her until she was old enough for me to get her on film and make her a top notch hoe and pornstar...But after a couple of weeks, I saw that the girl was too wild and had a bad attitude so I had to set her free for awhile...However, I kept in touch with her and I made sure to keep the same phone number so that she could call me later on in life.

Then later on, she stayed with me in my house for a little while...She was a little older and I was hoping that she softened her attitude up a bit...But one day, I came home after running errands all day and I happened to have some KFC hot wings with me...She was sitting there all day doing nothing and complained that I didn't bring her any chicken...I then reminded her that we just went to the grocery store and that the refrigerator and the cabinets were PACKED with food and that she could have made her something to eat...She then told me that she didn't FEEL like cooking herself something to eat...She would rather sit there hungry and wait for me to bring her something before she got her lazy ass up and got some food out the fridge...So I IMMEDIATELY told her to pack up what little shit she had and to get the fuck out...Her stay in my house didn't even last a week.

Then a couple of years passed and she's now 19 years old and fully grown and I can do whatever I want with her now..It paid off to keep the same number because she recently called me after a brief living stint in Florida to let me know that she was now living back in town.....Her attitude is so bad that she gets fired from every strip club that she works at for fighting other girls or cussing out and fighting the managers...She has even been BANNED from a couple of clubs in my area...She has an anger problem that is seriously out of control...And she is too lazy to ever bother to finish school or get a job so I don't know what to do with her..She's living with two girls that look like dykes and of course, they don't have a job either..

She came to spend the night with me the other night and it's been awhile since I've had some of her sweet young pussy...I never have a problem getting my dick hard when she's around...She also likes to sit up under a nigga and get rubbed on all day..She also likes to listen to music and do her little strip dances in front of me and give me lap dances here in my home so I don't mind having her around for at least a few hours.....After we woke up and I got me a quick fucknut on her, we smoked a blunt and talked a little shit...She then told me that she needs to get a new phone so I offered her some quick cash and now you see her here naked...I had to wait a LONG time to get this girl to come around and I'm sure that she's going to be well received by all of you..

I blurred out her face on the main page due to the haters in town printing out this shit and passing it out in the hood so only paying members will be able to see everything including the face, ass, and pussy so Click Here To Join to enjoy it all.....And be sure to check out my audio talkshow blog at MrNoGood.com where I'll be talking about my trip to the Caribbean...

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