"She Devil" Gets FUCKED!

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As y'all can see, this girl gets the coveted R. Kelly Young Lookin Girl stamp of approval....Y'all may remember this 19 year old 5'6" 125 pound sexy slim black ghetto girl from before when I took some pictures of her...Well since I've known this girl for so long already, I finally got her willing to fuck me on video...I fucked her regularly before but never with a camera present. 

Her body is so smooth and sexy to me that when she is chillin around the house with me, I can never keep my hands off of her stomach, ass, and breasts because they're so perky and perfect...And I love the way her slim waist is attached to a nice skinny but round little brown ass on her...You should see her from the side when she's sitting down...UMMM UMMM!...I just can't get enough of this young girl....Too bad her attitude is so foul and her mouth is so loud or else she would be a perfect honie to take under my wing....She wants to come chill with me in the Caribbean when I move down there next month but I don't think it will work out cause I'll end up slapping the shit out of her.

But even still, her nice body and her pussy makes it worth having her around for a little while...And I'm gonna be honest with y'all...When I get up in this girl's pussy, I rarely last that long...The pussy is so hot and tight and wet that I just can't control myself...and the same thing happened while I was filming this video...Once I got her legs up in the air and my fat ass was humping on that young thang, I soon busted a nut. 

So members are gonna just have to deal with it..It's still a good video so Click Here To Join to see all of the action...And I'll see y'all next week with some more ghetto black pussy...If the Lord is willing, this shit won't stop anytime soon....Also check out my audio podcast at MrNoGood.com

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