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I didn't even find this girl through my normal methods. I was introduced to this girl by another black porn webmaster named Mr. Remy from . He met this girl on the internet and he was in my city awhile back to hang out with Kimmie. She is a very nice girl with a cute face, nice soft titties and a BIG PHAT OLE ASS! However, Remy doesn't live in the same city as this girl and I do. Plus, he didn't think that she would fit into his agenda so he passed her over to me. What a pal! Kimmie is cool and all but she isn't giving up any pussy right now. I hope that will change soon. He gave me her phone number and let her know that I would be calling her.

I called her up within an hour and we had a good conversation over the phone. She is originally from Washington State and she came to my city to go to a school for massage. The shit hasn't worked out too well and she is about to go back to her hometown, where her boyfriend lives. I was only going to give her $60 to pose but since she seemed nice and needed to buy a plane ticket back home, I was generous and offered her $100. 

The next day after I talked to her, we hooked up to get the pictures. I drove over to her side of town, picked her up, and drove her back over to my house. Of course, we had to get our drink and smoke on first. She wanted some Hennessy Cognac but all I had available was Bacardi Rum. I don't waste my money on expensive liquor just so hoodrats can suck it down without even knowing what true fine Cognac is. I buy the cheaper shit! When she took her clothes off and I saw that ass, I was like OH MY LORD! Her ass was so big and stuck out so far, that I could grab the bottom of her ass cheeks and all of that ass would just melt in my hands!

And you should see her's BEAUTIFUL. I wanted to lick that pussy bad like a muthafucka. She told me that I could lick it, but I had to give her more money. I'll be DAMNED if I pay to lick some pussy after I just parted with $100 for some pictures so I passed. Maybe later, when she comes to her senses, she'll come over my house and give me a little bit of ass before she goes back to Washington State. If she doesn't, I'll just have to live with it. It would be too bad though because I could give her a good hard stroking that she would never forget. In fact, if she let me hit that, I would bet that she would change her mind about going home to her boyfriend.

I would love to put her on my team. I could put an apron on her and get her in that kitchen cooking me some fried chicken! She told me that she has "needs" and that she is "very demanding". I'll have to give it to a girl who will admit that. I don't think that I'm ready for that kind of financial commitment to a woman. If I get another woman who looks like Kimmie, I'm gonna put her up in the strip club so she can earn her keep. I don't have the time to be paying a female for pussy and companionship like some old man would do.

Anyway, I got the upclose pussy and asshole shots like I always do. I must say that I took one of the best pussy shots ever with this girl. It's the one with her bent over and spreading her pussy and I have the camera up in her guts! The shots are perfect. I should have gotten a Pulitzer prize for photography with this gallery. I hope that the members enjoy her. And they better....I paid a lot for this girl to get naked. 

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