Rosie Ruiz Lite Skinned Skinny Ho

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In the earlier days, I would find a girl and immediately put her up on the website.....Therefore, I had no reserve footage...But now, with the new hunting grounds being so fertile and the fact that I am producing sperm at an amazing rate, my memory is starting to get foggy about the individual girls because I shot them at least a MONTH before they show up here.....I have one more girl on my computer to give you and I believe at least six new videos that are still in my camera...I'm going on a rampage around here!!

So unless there were some unusual circumstances with the woman, I won't be able to remember much about her...I know that when I saw this girl, she was standing at the bus stop...And unless the girl is walking, that's what females do around here so that they won't look strange just standing on the sidewalk......Apparently I was her first customer of the day as she stated that she was surprised that she had to stand out there so long to get a customer....Normally, she's picked up within a few minutes of coming outside...

As you can see, she likes to smile a lot and she was very friendly.....During the photo shoot, she was talking about how good that she could suck a dick....But when it came time, it was just average....However, with work, she could become a true pro...She just has to learn to close her mouth around the dick more......I can't stand when a girl keeps her mouth open and makes noise and shit instead of just sucking it right....Kinda like that pornstar Pinky does....She makes all kinds of irritating slurping and other indescribable noises and spits all over the place, but she spends little time actually SUCKING DICK!!...I won't say that Rosie was that bad, in fact she was far from it...But I just like a closed mouth that can form a good suction...Plus I like to cum in a woman's mouth and she didn't let me :( . 

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