Ringo gives old lady sloppy head

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Since I brought y'all a 24 year old piece of black pussy last week, I figured that I would get a more "mature" woman on the site this week....Well, to be truthful, it just worked out that way because I was willing to do a shoot with the first woman I could find that was willing because gasoline cost to fucking much to be driving around being picky...My goal was to take a quick trip to the hood, get my knob slobbed, and get out...I didn't want to go looking at the younger hoes that like to wear tight shit or go bumping my music through the hood...It was a dreary and rainy day and there weren't a whole lot of niggas outside anyway...I had just ate lunch with my youngest kid at her school for some pre-thanksgiving thing and as soon as I gave my kid a hug goodbye, went home to get my camera, and I was right out there in the ghetto looking to find some pussy...I'm such a good father huh? :)...Always gotta put the kids first..

All I wanted to do was put on my lucky blowjob pants, hop in the pleasure craft, and enjoy a nice blowjob and do it within a short amount of time, so when I hit the hunting grounds, I already knew where I was going to look...But before I even get to that spot, there is a main street that I have to drive on first and there's a lot of hoes out there even though I prefer not to pick up girls there because it's a busy street...However, I couldn't help myself when I saw "Ringo" walking up the street...She was slim but I could see a sign of some hips up under her black sweatpants...She was looking a little rough but I didn't care because that's how y'all like em....

Once she got in the car, she happily agreed to the pictures for $20 but I could already tell by looking at her  that she would be willing to take the extra $20 to give me a blowjob....We drove around and I picked one spot for us to do our business but she asked if we could go to another part of the block because she was uncomfortable...It was too difficult to find a place to park on a residential street so I just decided to park on the same busy main street that I found her on.....We picked a place near a liquor store and got in the back of the van....She was still a little nervous but after seeing a few niggas walk by the van and not even pay any attention to us, she loosened up....

I've realized that parking on a busy street is a better cover than parking on a side street.....The ideal spot has a lot of street traffic but little foot traffic...So if anybody happens to walk by the van, any sound that is being made in the vehicle is drowned out by the cars driving by....It's what you call "hiding in plain sight"...You're there for everybody to see, yet you're invisible......I would advise any man out there that likes to hunt women out on the streets like I do to purchase a cargo van....Even if you can't afford to buy a van, you can rent one from U-Haul for $20 a day...That's cheaper and safer than renting a short time fuck room in a seedy motel in a questionable part of town or fucking a woman in an alley behind an abandoned building.....Yeah that kind of shit is fun to do...I remember back in 1991, I had some hoe bent over the hood of my 1981 Toyota Cressida at 4:00 a.m. in some alley off of Georgia Ave. NW in Washington, D.C....I've been all through SE D.C. by the Fredrick Douglas Home and all throughout Anacostia up to Minnesota Ave fuckin hoes....I was all up in my ORIGINAL hunting grounds on Rhode Island Ave NE bordered by 4th street on one end and South Dakota Ave on the other end fuckin hoes back in 2000-2001 snatching some of my classic hoes off the streets of D.C. such as Chicago, Jumbo Nipple Jennifer, Raisin Titty Rita, Linda Lotionless, Pissy Pauline, Baldhead Kim, Her Royal Hoeness, Pregnant Hooker, and others.........I don't live in D.C. anymore but I have to say that Washington, D.C. was the BIRTHPLACE for Blackvaginafinder.com ....This website is a very old website and it has history attached to it...It isn't a fly by night bullshit website, so any potential customer will know that he will get his money's worth and that I am in this for the long haul...

So take it from me who is a VETERAN in hunting hoes long before the internet even existed that I'VE BEEN THERE when it comes to hunting hoes on the street...I've been doing it before some of y'all reading this was an itch in your daddy's pants....And I'm telling you, a cargo van is the way to go!!!...There's always a hoe within driving distance.....Plus, you can always use the extra space to haul shit if you need to and you can also sleep in it...It's a perfect vehicle for a pussyhunter like myself. 

In closing, Click Here To Join to see the upclose pussy and asshole photos plus the blowjob black porn video that was shot...I'm also going to throw a lot of bonus video up in the bonus section....Obviously Ringo's pictures are in the picture section and her video is in the video section.......I'll see y'all next week with some more brand new never before seen ghetto black pussy...Your guess is as good as mine on who it will be...I'll find her sometime next week when my ballsac is full and needs a release.



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