"Puffy & Light Bright" Lesbian Sex Video

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After a long wait, I'm finally bringing you the long awaited lesbian video that I was talking about...I took some pictures of both of these girls before and a fuck video with puffy, which is the fat one...Soon I'll be doing a seperate blowjob video with Light Bright which is the skinny one...This is the second video that I shot but this is way better than the first because in the first, the girl gets up and walks away in the middle of getting her pussy ate...she flaked the fuck out...But with this video, both girls were ready and willing to make that money..

I came over there a couple of weeks ago to shoot this video and they performed well....They did all of the passionate kissing, licked each other's pussies, sucked each other's tits, and even I stuck my hand in there from behind the camera and rubbed on some asses and sucked on some tits while they were fucking. But for you lesbians out there that are thinking that I ruined the scene, I didn't, because there isn't any dick located in this video..Just pussies and tongues and hands.

At the end, Light Bright makes Puffy cum with a combination of finger fucking and tit sucking...You gotta see the look on Puffy's face when she's cumming...I told them that they could fake the cumming part if they wanted to because most wouldn't know the difference. However, I was lucky enough to get a REAL orgasm on this video. It's a nice long video so you'll have plenty of time to masturbate or jack off yourself to this video and enjoy it before you cum...

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