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There isn't much to say about this week's girl, named Project Patty. I was referred to this girl by the same woman named Shae who introduced me to "Pill Poppin Penny" from a month ago. Shae likes to make the easy $20 to introduce me to new girls, so I know that I'll meet even more girls through her.

Anyway, Shae called me and told me that she had a girlfriend who wanted to get naked and if I wanted to come over right then, she would be ready. It was a weekday evening and I was just chillin on the couch when she called. I didn't really feel like going to see the girl but when somebody calls me, I MUST go shoot the girl or I'll lose credibility with them. When I meet a girl in the neighborhood, give them a business card, and tell them that whenever they have a girl ready to get naked, I'll be there with my camera and some cash, I have to mean just what I say.

So I drove over to these projects around 10 pm to meet up with Shae and Patty. When I got there, the girls and a bunch of niggas were coming outside. They were about to walk up the street and smoke a blunt with some other niggas and I caught them just in time. Me and Patty went upstairs to her apartment while Shae and the niggas waited downstairs in her apartment.

Patty lives in this apartment with her boyfriend, who was in the hospital. He just got off of life support because he damn near killed himself sitting in a car somewhere with the windows up for 2 hours straight. I've been up to her apartment a few weeks earlier to smoke a blunt with her, Shae, Penny so I already met her boyfriend.

I got Patty into her apartment and we went to the back bedroom where she moved some junk out of the way and then got naked. She has some luscious phat floppy titties on her. Her pussy was pink and juicy and I would have LOVED to fuck this girl right there on the bed, but I didn't. I did make sure to get the pussy spread wide as fuck for the camera and I got her chocolate asshole too.

Even though I didn't want to fuck her, I had to have a taste of her titties. One of the big perks of photographing naked women is that once a girl is butt naked in front of you posing for the camera, it doesn't really take much work to get her to do other things FOR and WITH you. I had my hands all over their tits and ass during the photoshoot anyway so what's wrong with me popping a nipple in my mouth once in awhile? I was really diggin her titties so I just grabbed them and sucked her nipples for a little bit. She didn't seem to mind. Why not let an all-male chocolate cutiepie such as myself suck on her titties? What could be possibly be wrong with that?

After we were finished, we went downstairs to Shae's apartment so that I could give Shae her $20 finders fee. Patty's brother was one of the niggas waiting in the apartment and of course he is looking for a reason to start a fight in defense of his sister. But her sister and Shae were laughing and was holding the door closed so that I could get to my car before he came out. It's all good though. Patty got a quick fifty bucks and she had fun. It's a nice way for these girls to make extra cash. I gave Patty a business card too and now she'll be finding other girls to get naked for me too! This porn game is like running a MLM (multi-level-marketing) business. All  you have to do is get folks under you who are willing to recruit other people into the business. Then you just sit on top of the pyramid and wait for your phone to ring and let the girls roll in! 

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