Problems Sucks Black DingALing

Here is the blowjob video that I promised y'all last week...I love it when I offer to take naked black pussy pictures of the girl and after she realizes how much fun she had and how easy the money was, how they're willing to take some extra money to slurp on my dick...It's part money and part me just being such a handsome chocolate brotha that I am...They just can't help being turned on and just the thought of them sucking on my dick makes their mouths water...

This is the first nut I busted with a chick during the short time I was visiting Ohio....I made sure that the woman who received my first ejaculation actually deserved it....This is because I made SURE that I had a full ballsac swollen with sperm...I went a good two weeks without busting a nut before I flew there....I had my babymomma massage my testicles regularly to make sure that my sexual energy was re-circulated throughout my body and not just stuck in my balls...Doing that makes for a painful sac...I made sure to take my vitamins and drink plenty of water...I did everything I could to make sure that I would choke a bitch with my sperm once I actually busted....My sac was so full, it felt like it was stuffed with cotton. 

This woman had a different style of dick sucking that's kind of hard to describe but it was something about the way her lips spread out when they were wrapped around my dick that turned me on....Maybe it was knowing that she was desperate for money and was willing to do anything within reason...Her customer service skills were impeccable and she makes sure that the customer feels like he has gotten his money's worth....Those customer service skills may be due to the fact that niggas out here are beatin hoes asses on the routine...Women have told me many stories of getting beat up, stabbed, raped, shot, etc. by strange men out on the streets...Either way, her personality was a plus..

My full sac plus the Cialis I took meant that I was going to have a rock hardon when she sucked on it....I stopped telling these girls when I'm about to cum..I just let it fly off in their mouth if I feel like it and that's just what I did with her...I gotta control myself because a woman can tell when a man is going to cum if she sees you vibrating and shit...So I just kept moaning like I enjoyed it and then shot my load straight up into her mouth and down her throat before she even knew what was going on...By the time she realized it, all she could do was gag and cough to try and get that cum back up from down her esophagus...Even as she jerked up and coughed, there was still plenty more cum streaming out of my dick....What a Release!...And it seemed like I didn't run out of sperm until the very end of my visit but that was after bustin all kinds of nuts..

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