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"Bonita" Sucks Dick Again.

I know that some of y'all remember "Bother Me Bonita" from before....Well the girl kept bothering me and bothering me to come over there and shoot another video of her because she needed the money...This girl is forever broke.  So I went over to her house in the projects to get me a quick blowjob.

When I got over there, I had noticed that she was a little thicker than before, so I politely commented on that and then she said "I'm thicker than you think" and I automatically knew that she was pregnant....Like other girls before, they swear up and down that they're not fucking with the no good nigga babydaddy anymore but time and time again, these girls bellies end up getting swole up after taking some dick. 

If she had told me that she was pregnant, then I would have also brought my still camera over there because I love to take pictures of girls when they're pregnant but since I didn't, I just kept on with the video...But be sure to stay tuned because I'll probably take those pictures of her soon.

I see why her babydaddy can't stay away from this woman. It's because she sucks dick so good and when I fuck her, she fucks with enthusiasm...And for her sake, I hope her babydaddy doesn't see his pregnant girlfriend up on the internet sucking on some dick....But if he doesn't like it, maybe he should handle business more with the woman and the kids and then she wouldn't be letting me cum in her mouth like I did on this video. 

I'm not going to say anymore because I have to go out of town and see my kids for Thanksgiving. So I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you....So Click Here To Join to see this true raw ghetto amateur porn....And if you get bored and want to listen to my talkshow, go to my audio blog at .

I'll holla at y'all next week with some more pussy.

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