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I'll have to tell y'all that this pussy hunting thing that I am doing is becoming easier and easier. I feel like Han Solo felt when he started getting the "force". I just step outside of my house and as long as I tell myself that I will find some pussy that day, 99.95% of the time it turns out to be true. It's like my Guardian Angel just places a piece of ass out there for me to pick up anytime that I want it. I found "Pot Belly Belinda" walking up in some projects after I got off of work one night and got her in the car. She was dressed a lot like a man and she was kind of a "Tomboy". Regardless, I still picked her up because y'all know my motto. "If She Has A Pussy, She's Qualified!" I knew that she could possibly have a phat ass up under those baggy jeans.

Belinda says that she "used" to smoke crack, but doesn't anymore. She also said that she works at a factory driving a Forklift making $18.00 an hour at a local factory that I used to work at YEARS AGO. back in my broke teenage years. I quit that job after one day. I'll be damned if I'll break my back working for the White Man. If any of y'all shook my hand today, you would feel that my hands are Baby Soft. I haven't done hard labor for years and if God is willing, I will never have to do it again.

Getting back to the story, (I'm smoking more good shit tonight), I asked myself if this woman is making 18 an hour and "used" to smoke crack, why is she out here walking in the projects trying to make some extra money? I put this question to the back of my mind and gave her the usual "Get Naked For $20 Sales Pitch". She agreed, and said that she liked to take pictures. I have developed a traffic route that takes me straight through one of the prostitution and drug strips. If I find anything on that strip, all I have to do is keep going straight, turn left at the top of the hill, and I'm I'm right at the "Budoir" and ready to take pictures in less than 10 minutes.

Once we got to the "Budoir", she got naked and did her thing. Belinda is 37 years old and looks jive fuckable from the back  The pussy was kind of rusty and ashy but If I was fresh out of jail or out of boot camp, I'd have no problem fucking this brawd. Belinda was very cooperative during the shoot, she didn't ask for her money up front, and she ACTUALLY SMILED IN THE PICTURES! Of course y'all know that I got her bent over for the BLACK VAGINA FINDER TRADEMARK UPCLOSE PUSSY AND ASSHOLE SHOTS!

Right after I dropped her off, I got stopped by the police. Got caught D.W.B. (Driving While Black). I didn't have my license on me cause I took it out of my wallet for the Nightclub the night before. I also didn't have any insurance. I was taken out of the car, searched, and my car was searched even though I didn't give them consent. But after they couldn't find any drugs or weapons (I NEVER hunt for hoes with weed in my car), putting on my best English, I was able to get off with a simple ticket that I can take care of by just showing the judge my valid license. I continue to amaze myself how I can get out of some deep shit with cops just by using proper English. I can come by plane in from drug trafficking countries and I NEVER get problems from Customs agents. I can cross any border without getting harrassed even though I am a single young black man traveling solo.

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