Ponytail Tessie

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I'm late with this week's update but I had a good reason. I was in Las Vegas for the Annual Internext Porn Convention. I'll talk about that in a minute...

I saw Ponytail walking down the street in the snow when I was coming out of my babymomma's house one morning. I quickly had to get out to my car to warm it up and get all of the ice off of the windows so that I could catch her in time. I scraped that ice like a madman. I hurried so much that I left the right half of my windshield still covered with ice now allowing me to see too well but Fuck It. I had to go get this girl naked. 

Obviously I was able to catch her and get her to the crib naked. As you can see she has a phat ass and all of that and I got the wide open pussy shots as usual. If you're not a member, you need to go ahead and join up. I'm now an established pornographer who now has more connections in the porn industry than the average muthafucka out here. And I obtained them while at the porn convention in LAS VEGAS!

First of all, I want to give a shoutout to the company who sponsored my trip, Puremeds.com. They're a company who sells energy pills that increases your sex drive. They didn't know me from Adam and just by me asking for someone to pay for my trip to Las Vegas, they came through with $360.00 for a ticket. Thanks Man.

The convention that I went to was called Internext. It's the place where a lot of the big time internet pornographers gather to go to seminars, and check out new business opportunities. But most of the time, the networking is going on over some drinks or some good herbs being smoked. My first day, I hooked up with Playa of blackshawty.com, three cool niggas who work for West Coast Productions, and Tony of Nubianteaze.com, who's truck we rode around in most of the time. They came with some of that CRUCIAL Cali Chronic shit that had me bent over coughing. I'm not used to smoking shit like that at all. Also a nigga named "toodamnfli" had brought up some killa shit himself. We smoked a blunt of it in the bathroom at the Rumpshaker party. I was embarrassed to have them smoking on the shit that I brought with me. It didn't even compare. 

I showed up on the second day of the convention so I missed the best party. However, on the first night, we went to this party in the Venetian Hotel that was called the Rump Shaker party. A porn company had hired some girls from Stroker's down in Atlanta, flew them up to Las Vegas, and had them doing freaky strip shows. We missed most of it because they took too fucking long to start but when we came back, we had some lapdances from some Phat ass broads. Everybody who was there will agree that the star of the night was "Sugar Baby". She had her hair blown out into a big ass afro, had a super flat stomach, and a PHAT round ass with the hips that make the shit drop it like it's hot. She could do that bellydance shit where her stomach was moving like waves in an ocean. I gotta give a shoutout to her. Even though I couldn't get hard during her lapdance, it  takes nothing away from her sexiness. She was so fine, I told her that I would make a baby up in her. She said that she didn't have any kids and I said that I could change that real quick. I just had jetlag and my stomach was kind of queasy. If I wasn't on vacation, I would have been home in bed....It had nothing to do with Sugar Baby.  

Then they had this fine ass slim dark honie. Good Lawd her body was perfection. Her ass crack was right in my face during that lapdance. I just had to kiss it.....But the rest of the girls didn't do any lapdancing after the show. They just stayed in the bathroom and bitched about how they didn't get paid enough. You bitches got a free trip to Las Vegas and a hotelroom, a good time, and  some fun. Quit bitching you begging ass heifers. Y'all need to be like Sugarbaby and the dark slim chick and stay out there hustling. I'm sure they brought in more money each than three of each of y'all combined. 

Since they came and shut down the party early, we had to go somewhere else. Then we went into a suite where it is packed with people. I see a lot of camera's and they are gathered around somebody. I look and I see a white girl fuckin this one nigga and sucking the dick of some Italian looking dude. I wish I had my camera with me that night...Then I heard that they had this midget fucking two girls..They said the midget tore their asses up too. I saw that pornstar dude, Ron Jeremy at one of those parties in the suites. That's one of the greasiest slimeball looking muthafuckas I've seen in my life. He's like 5'3", with unkempt hair, a big bulging stomach and just looks tired all of the time. Regardless, hoes were still fucking him at the parties while I stood there pussyless. I also met that female pornstar Jeannie Pepper. Y'all might remember the girl who had a bad complexion and a Jheri Curl who has been sucking dicks on camera for years. Well, I introduced myself to her at the rumpshaker party and for an old lady, her body was beautiful. Yeah she had some grey hairs and she was looking tired and wasted, her body could rival any 25 year old woman's. I saw her sitting on the couch with her shoes off and I told her that she looked good and that she "still had it". I would have tried to fuck her but it looked like she was with her man. He was a white dude who looked like a classic old-school pornographer. An old wrinkled white man who thinks he's still handsome with frizzy oiled hair, and a long snakeskin coat. He's probably mob related so I really shouldn't be talking about him. 

The next night, we went to the "Players Ball". Rob from West Coast Productions was able to get us some free VIP passes from Diamond Dogg of Adultbuffet.com. You'll see the highlights of the Players Ball on VH-1 soon. They had Digital Underground perform a remix of their old "Humpty Dance" shit, and then around 3:30 a.m., they finally had the dude "Exzibit" performing. It was a good show. There were porn stars everywhere and I was able to just walk up to some of them or sit right next to them and just say hello. These are the same girls that y'all out there in internet land would have an orgasm if you even got within smelling distance of your favorite internet porn sluts. I saw a few rap niggas hanging upstairs and a comedian or two but I don't feel like naming them.  

All in all, I had a good time in Las Vegas. I was definitely able to network with some people who could possibly help me expand this porn thing. I now have some work to do to get some things done to help me make this extra dough. Las Vegas is Pimp and Ho heaven! I saw pimp after pimp walking around with his hoes in tow. Also, I didn't meet one "regular" girl the whole time. All of them were whores. So if you want "romance" in Las Vegas, you better bring your own girl with you. If you don't, the only pussy you'll get is a whore. Some of them pimp niggas was obviously getting rich off of that pussy due to all the jewels and fat money knots that I was seeing. And not one of those pimps wasn't black. ALL of those pimps was a black man. That should even further emphasize that pimpin is a black man's game. I got a girl who I met at 16 who turns 18 next month. I'm gonna take her back out to vegas and work the shit out of her one weekend. She's been running around here right now with no management sucking dicks for $10-$50 a pop and living from house to house with drug addicts. I won't touch her, pimpin wise until she turns 18. I have no desire to catch a transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of prostitution charge. But once February comes, I"m stepping in.. Damn, I can't wait. I can charge $800-$2,000 a trick. Hell, we could make our plane and hotel fare back after the first trick..the rest would be profit. All I needed to do was go there first to scope out the scene. The first time I go, I can't leave her side. I can't afford to get her there and let a pimp take her from me after the almost two years of me keeping up with her, waiting for her to turn legal for business purposes. 

I also was able to talk to this one black porn girl that all of y'all have seen before if you surf the internet. She's on every corporate black paysite around and on a lot of music videos. Her name is India.  She was standing by herself and I happened to walk by. Her body was flawless and she seemed to be a nice girl. I passed her a business card. She probably won't call but it can't hurt to try.

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