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People who have been following this site will remember a girls picture that I put up named "Ponytail Tessie"...Well first I have to admit something. I took pictures of this girl twice and named her Ponytail the second time. The first time I took pictures of her, I named her "Flat Chest Fatima" and that was almost three years ago. Then I saw her a couple years later and I didn't recognize her at first and ended up naming her "Pony Tail Tessie"...Nobody else recognized her either and that's because she doesn't look as fucked up as she looked three years ago. Maybe it's because she got rid of those glasses that she used to wear. But the REAL reason I think that she looks better is because she stays in shape by riding a bicycle all over the neighborhood. I've seen her riding it around the hood before and when a crackhead walks or rides her bike all the time, they have nice toned bodies and this girl's body was no exception. Her ass is round and beautiful and it's rock hard from all of that bike riding that she does. 

So when I was horny and driving around trying to find some pussy, I was happy that I saw Tessie walking around....I got her in the car and she remembered me so I didn't have to give her a sales pitch...I asked her if she wanted to do a video and she said she would and we went straight to my house. At first, I was just going to do a blowjob video of this girl and I had no plans of fucking her. But that blowjob got so good to me and to her that she got turned on and she wanted to fuck.  I can't stress enough that I ALWAYS use a condom with these girls. It would be playing Russian Roulette not to use a condom on these hoes....There's a lot of porn being produced today where the dick is bareback and I have shot and will shoot bareback porn again. But it won't be with MY dick. As long as it's somebody else's dick, he can hit the hoe raw all he wants. If she gets pregnant, the baby ain't mine and if she has a disease, I ain't gonna catch it.....And I know that a LOT of y'all niggas that are reading this right now are out in the streets tricking with these hoes and fucking them bareback.  I also know that the hoes aren't telling you to put a condom on because after you get her drunk and high, she doesn't give a fuck if you're strapped or not. She just has her pussy in the air and she's ready to suck and fuck some dick....But don't let that pussy poison y'all fellas. Wear a condom....You could fuck the same girl 100 times with a condom or fuck 100 different girls once with a condom. It's still the same thing if you're strapped up....Plus when you use a condom, you don't have to EVER think about the hoe again. If you see her belly swole later, you know it ain't you...If niggas all over the hood's dicks are falling off and they all fucked the hoe you fucked, you're straight...It's just good common sense if you're going to be a trick in the hood to wear condoms. 

Back to this particular hoe, once we got back to my house, I mentioned to her that I've seen her riding around the hood on her bike. Then Tessie started smiling and said that she calls her bike her "Lexus". She said that she loves that bike and she found it lying in the street one day and she's been riding it ever since....I'm glad she rides it because that ass was hella phat and round and I just had to fuck her from the back...Since she's a street hoe, I assumed that she would have a loose worn out pussy due to all of the fucking she's done but I was wrong. Her pussy was tight as a drum. That's why this video isn't too long because once I got in that pussy, her pussy was drawing the sperm right out of my dick......But that's why this website contains "Reality Porn"....Sometimes, shit happens. So this is the REAL reality porn. I was reality porn before reality porn became popular.....

She put some strokes on me and I shivered like a bitch and busted a nut....But it's all good though. It was all caught on video and I can always call her back to give me a full blowjob video later on...But in the meantime, Click Here To Join so that you can see this video and my whole collection of EXCLUSIVE black amateur videos and pictures....I've also realized that y'all are actually willing to pay to see my fat ass fuck these hoes...The week that I put the video up of me fucking Tae-Tae resulted in a RECORD sales week...I had no idea that y'all could swallow seeing my lard ass up on top of some hoes but since you do, you'll be seeing much more of it on this website....Plus I had a recent problem that was taking up way too much of my money and my time. It was so stupid, that I'm ashamed to even admit it on here. But now that problem has been rectified and I will be fucking hella hoes on this website. And I won't be needing to be popping Viagra to do it either. I'm a new and changed man. Believe me. 

Be sure to join up. The holidays are coming and my kids and my babymomma have their needs. Plus I need to finish paying off my divorce lawyer. She did a good job and I'm not about to stiff her on the rest of the bill. And these hoes have kids to feed...I can't be feeding their kids at McDonalds and Church's Chicken without your help...And I need to put a little food in some of these kids stomachs so that I can get up in their mama's pussy. Just last week's girl, "Pork Chop Pussy" has three kids and they all whine about being hungry. If I want some ass, I gotta feed those kids with some value meals and family packs....I also have numerous forty ounces of beer and liters of liquor to buy to keep these women intoxicated and in turn, naked and sucking and fucking on this website. Please help a poor ghetto nigga like me out and join today...

I'll see y'all next week with some more pussy. 

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