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This is the third girl that I met off of the phone chatline. I tell ya, that line is GOLD! I met this 25 year old pitch black girl awhile back on the line and she came over one night to drink and smoke with me. We didn't do anything sexual. I spent most of the night squeezing her titties and trying to convince her to get naked for the website. She gave me a resounding HELL NO I won't do anything like that routine. She was down with fucking though so I kept her phone number handy. Pussy has gotten so easy for me to get now that I don't even want it when it is offered to me. I wish I had the sex drive of an 90 year old man. Then I'd be all about my money and not about the pussy. But as long as my dick can get hard, pussy can always distract me.

Anyway, "Pitch" was having a problem with her sister who she was living with. Her sister has some thug nigga coming over there serving up the dick to her and was putting ideas in her head. Whatever he said to her sister, it worked. Her sister told Pitch that she had to be out of the house by the end of the week and she didn't have money to move. Luckily, they live in a nigga-rigged apartment complex and she was able to negotiate a place to live across the way from her sister. But she still needed money. So in addition to going to the day labor temporary places where they have you picking up trash for $35 a day, she had to call me, "Big Daddy", to help her out with some cash. Of course I was able to help her out. Actually, me and all of my paying members helped her out because we all are contributing to this cause. We don't want a big tittied dark skinned sexy thang like this to end up out on the streets do we? Of course not. I've said it before and I'll say it again. A woman will tell you all day and all night what she WON'T do, but when money gets tight, it's amazing how a woman can easily forget all about her "standards". 

I went and picked her up one evening in the parking lot of a strip club that she lives near. I've never actually seen where she lives. We got to my house and we did the usual smoke/drink thing. Actually, I was doing the drinking because she only smokes. She has some very large and heavy titties for a woman her size. They're squeezable, suckable, and tit-fuckable. She also is a bisexual FREAK and she already told me that she is willing to bring some of her girlfriends over to fuck me. I just want the pictures though. Like I said before, I'm tired of fucking all this pussy. 

While she was getting naked, she asked me what was going to happen "after" we took the pictures. I wasn't really in the mood for sex so I played dumb and said that she could put her clothes on, and take her money. She then said, "What about AFTER THAT"? I said that I guess that we could have a little fun afterwards but in my mind I was like "Oh no, not again!". I got some great upclose asshole shots and I got some great wide open pussy shots. Members will especially like this one pussyshot from the back where her pussy was so open, you could see her guts inside because the flash on the camera illuminated her insides just right. It's one of my best pussyshots to date. 

After we took the pictures, she wanted some dick from me. I swear to God that I didn't feel like fucking her but she'a 38DDD titty bisexual dicksucking freak! I can't just turn it down when she's offering it to me. So I just slapped on a condom, put her on her back, fucked it, and busted a nut  in around 3 minutes, and then I got up. I wasn't gonna give her more than that. 

After we had our clothes back on, she told me that the dick was good but that I needed to be more "passionate". Now she's a dark big tittied freak, just like I like em. But I'm in a phase of my life where pussy just isn't important to me. I didn't even know this girl. How in the hell am I supposed to be all kissy touchy feely on a female that I don't know AT ALL? I met this girl on a phone chatline. It isn't like I saw her on the street, exchanged numbers with her, talked to her on the phone a few times, and THEN fucked her. All I did was dial a phone number and she happened to be there. There is absolutely no sport in hunting pussy on a phone chatline. The fact that I was even able to get my dick hard at all for this was a straight up miracle. 

Now don't get me wrong. Her pussy was good and all of that. But I really regret having sex with her. I can't put a finger on why, but I do. In fact, she was the reason that I decided to cut all of this extra pussy off and just stick to my babymomma and my well oiled hand for satisfaction. It's just cheaper that way. And no matter what kinds of different pussy you may get, it's always attached to a woman who is going to give you some bullshit. I'm gonna keep my  two high school females for entertainment purposes but the rest of them gotta go. Either way, I'm going to see what kind of freaky friends that this girl Pitch can bring me. If I can get them naked, you'll be sure to see them up on this website. 

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