Piccolo Petie

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As some of y'all know, I'm an old man. I'm 31 years old. In my time of being on this earth, I have seen how lives have turned out and how decisions made early in life affect your future........This week's girl, "Piccolo Petie", used to go to high school with me. In fact, we were both in the Marching Band. I went to a black high school and our band director was an incompetent white man. So that meant that our band sucked. You know it's hard to motivate niggas to do anything and if you're a nerdy white man, it becomes that much harder to get black kids to listen to you. The only good section in the whole band was the drum section. That is the section that I played in. I played snare and base drum. I also dabbled a little bit in the Tuba because I'm multi-talented like that. I'll go even further to say that I am the best base drummer that my high school has ever seen and one of the best base drummers that Howard University has seen. 

Anyway, back in High School, this girl played the piccolo. Back when we were young, man she had a tight ass on her. It was an ass that was shaped differently than most asses but it was still nice. I remember in band practice, how I'd see her ass move on those tight jeans that she would wear during the field rotations. Back then, I was a nerd so I didn't know how to approach women to get that pussy. She told me that she's been fucking since the 7th grade and I didn't get any pussy in my whole life until I was 18 years old on prom night and it wasn't even with my date. I paid $10 to some hoe I found after I dropped my 14 year old date back home....... I told Petie that I wanted to get with her badly back in the day but she told me that I never approached her for it.......I almost wish that I could get just one year of high school back. I'd be fucking those sluts left and right now.....I've had a whole lot of pussy between 18 years old and 31 years old and I'm getting to the point where I can just LOOK at a bitch the right way and get that pussy.........

But now, many years later, I find her walking down one of the main streets in my city. I beeped at her and lured her to my car. Once she got in, she instantly recognized me......She currently hangs at the bars and gets those old black men to give her some cash.....My how times have changed........

After all of those years in high school lusting after her sweet young tender twat back in high school, how ironic is it that she is now spreading that same twat for the camera? I ain't mad at her. She does what she has to do to survive. I just should have had enough game to fuck her back in high school. Well those times are long gone now....I got her back to the house and got her naked in order to get the wide open pussy and bootyhole shots. She has a nice deep asscrack too. Members will know what I'm talking about. 

I got a nice round booty 31 year old woman for next week already shot. You'll love her. Tune in next week. Maybe I'll give y'all a longer story. 

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