paleface the pipehead

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"Paleface Pipehead" is the crazy ass, non-driving crackhead that I briefly mentioned last week. She is friends with last week's girl, "BlackBerry BigStomach" and was the one who was driving the car when they stopped me while I was walking. Like I said last week, they stopped me and wanted to make some money. Her gas tank was empty, so we went and got some gas. Then they drove me to the Budoir so that we could take the naked pictures.

I don't know how many of you have ridden in cars that are owned by poor people. I'll tell you one thing, 99.99% of the time, their car is going to be riding fucked up! I've been poor, so I know what it's like. I myself have had to drive around with no brakes and I had to pull up the emergency brake lever to make a stop. Well, Paleface's car was one of those fucked up rides that was like 3 months from completely breaking down. A fucked up car with a crackhead mentality is a DANGEROUS combination when it comes to driving and the chances of you making it home without dying in an accident.

Anyway, we got back to the Budoir so that we could take the pictures. I couldn't get her to keep still for anything. She kept jerking and moving all crazy and shit. Some of the pictures have a blurry face because the heifer wouldn't stop moving and the camera couldn't catch the image. By this time, the liquor that I gave her was starting to take effect and then she REALLY started acting stupid. I'm just glad that I was able to get enough pictures to put up in the members section. I still got the wide open pussy upclose. That's mandatory.

After the photoshoot was over, I really didn't want to get back in the car with them but I was smokin weed over there and I didn't have the energy to walk home. Big mistake. Like I said last week, the heifer damn near killed all of us by running into a parked car. I can't see how a substance can fry your brain so bad where you can no longer function normally for any length of time. And what is bad about crack is that once your brain is wired for that shit, you'll NEVER be the same. Even if she cleans up and never hits a rock for the rest of her life, her brain will still be fucked up. So she might as well keep hitting the pipe and die slowly.

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