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Yet again, I am bringing you some brand new nasty ghetto black pussy for your enjoyment that I named "Florida Evans".....I found this woman during one of my scheduled evening hunts...I have this thing down to a system...When I am on vacation in Ohio, I would spend my whole day with my kids and as soon as my mama got home from work, I already had my ass washed from the shower and would hit the streets for no more than two hours...And within those two hours, I usually could find a woman on the streets, bring her to the room that I rented for shoots, and get some pictures and a video from her...Then I would drop her off back where I found her and I would be back to my mama's house like nothing happened...On a good night, I could hit the streets and be back home within an hour, long before the kids start wondering and asking where their daddy is at....I just hope my step-father doesn't get mad after he finds out that I was using his Cleveland Indians blanket to lay these hoes on, since there aren't any sheets on the bed. 

Anyway, I call this girl Florida Evans because of of the huge gap between her teeth and the same kind of nappy afro with a widows peak just like Florida had on the 70's TV Show, "Good Times"....This woman was very easy to work with and had a good attitude and I don't have anything negative to say about her...I even picked her up on another night and she rode in the car with me to find another street woman some days later..I'll show y'all that big booty woman soon.....I still have the phone number that she gave me and next time I go back to Ohio, I'll definitely be calling her to find out what new hoes she has for me...It's a lot easier getting a woman to refer others to me...I'd rather just pay a referral fee than waste my gas driving around the hood hoping that I get lucky..

I also shot a blowjob video with this girl that I'll show y'all next week...I must say that when she had her Negro lips wrapped around my dick, it didn't take long for me to bust a nice nut in her mouth...But that's next week...This week, just Click Here To Join to see the upclose pussy and asshole shots and to see the rest of my girls and over 100 videos of exclusive content...Nobody does it like Black Vagina Finder.


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