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When I first took pictures of this 42 year old woman three years ago, I noticed that her body was smooth and tight. Especially for an old brawd. Luckily, I found her this past Sunday morning walking around trying to make some money. She instantly recognized me when I pulled up to her so I didn't have to convince her to get in the car and go back to my house....I have a free picture gallery of this woman where you can see what I'm talking about but you have to join my FREE Yahoo group to get a link to the gallery....Enter your email address in the red Yahoo box at the bottom (some will see top) of this page and join up and you'll see what I'm talking about....You'll still have to pay if you want to see the video though.

So now, she's 45 years old and she still has a nice body on her. It's still smooth as ever and she has a nice round ass....When we got back to the house, she asked for a shot of liquor and I obliged...Then I got her naked and put her to work on sucking my dick....I tried an even newer erectile dysfunction medication called "Cialis". It's the pill that can work for up to 36 hours...I like how it works so long because sometimes when you pop a Viagra or a Levitra, you don't get any pussy within the four hours that you're supposed to fuck so then you just wasted your money....And due to a female that I recently got rid of, I ended up wasting three fucking pills because she kept BULLSHITTIN with the pussy...Now that heifer is calling me all day today asking to use my AAA card so that she can get her raggedy car towed somewhere...fuck that. Let that hooptie sit right the fuck where it is. If she can't give me any pussy when I want it, don't be calling me and expecting me to do something for you.

ANYWAY, back to Golden Oldie....When she sucked my dick, I had the medicine in my system for over 24 hours and sure enough, when it was time to perform, my penis rose to the occasion...I had a badass headache the night before when I took it but I think it was because I didn't eat enough food in the beginning of the day and that gave me the headache. I'll be sure to take the remaining two pills on a full stomach...

She slurped and sucked and licked the balls and everything else that a good woman will do and I was about to fuck her but she would have asked for more money. So I just busted my nut. I tried to cum on her tits or her face but I missed and it landed on her foot. Oh well. It's still a good blowjob scene and the members will enjoy it....She seemed to be a little drunk but it couldn't have been from the one shot of liquor that I gave her. She must have been drinking before she got to my house cause that voice was a little slurred. But I don't give a fuck. As long as she ain't slurring on that dick sucking, I'm cool....So Click Here To Join to watch this good video.

I'll see y'all next week with even more pussy.....Peace...And check out my online journal at www.MrNoGood.com 

B.V.F......All you gotta say are those three letters and everybody knows what's up....It's good to be the king. 

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