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It was a wonderful warm breezy Indian Summer night. Even though Fall is here and the nights are getting cooler, this night was a warm breezy night. It was the weekend and everybody was out about to get their groove on by going to parties, over some hoes house to fuck, etc. Being the pussy hunter that I am, I could go outside, take a deep breath, and I could smell all of the sexual energy coming from bitches outside trying to sell their asses out and about my neighborhood.

My new house is smack dab in the middle of the fucking ghetto. Thank God I live on a quiet side street, but if you turn the corner, it's hoe heaven. I was getting ready to go out and find this week's girl and it was around 11 p.m. I stepped out on my porch to take one last puff of Ganja out of my hand carved wooden pipe from Jamaica when I saw Neighborhood Nicole walk right in front of my house going down the street. I pointed her out to my woman and said, "There's a piphead right there!". I was very excited because I now knew that I wouldn't have to go out and look for a girl this week.

So I took my puff off of my Ganja Pipe, sprayed some Michael Jordan Cologne on, and waited for Nicole to get down the street so that she wouldn't know where I was coming from. Since I was going to take her to the "Budoir" and not back to my house, there is no need for her to know where I really live.

I swooped on her and told her to get in the car, which she did readily. I gave her the classic Black Vagina Finder sales pitch to her, she agreed, and it was off to the Budoir we go! This woman is 35 years old and has a 17 year old daughter. As you can see, Nicole has a NICE set of 36 D tits on her. Plus she had a phat ass on her too. I would have thrown her an extra ten dollars to suck my dick but my nutsack was drained from fucking the night before so I thought to hell with that. I sure would love to meet her daughter, I know she has a tight body on her.

After I took the pictures, I dropped her off back at the strip and went to a nightclub and rubbed on asses and passed out more business cards. There is nothing like going to the clubs and rubbing my hands and my dick all over the ass of some 18-21 year old phat ass hoodrat that I have never seen before in the club. It's like those hoes WANT you to grab them hard and feel on them. If you don't do it, you won't get no play from those bitches at all. A pornographer like me ALWAYS has to keep networking and meeting new bitches. This way, I can always have a hoe that I can get naked for the website if I need her.

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