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For all of y'all hairy armpit and pussy girl lovers, I have one here for you! 

I get a lot of email asking me how I constantly find pussy on the streets. A good way to practice is to drive around all day and lightly blow your horn and wave at women who are walking or at the bus stop. This is part of my daily routine as I constantly am stopping my car and passing out business cards to honeys on the sidewalk. And I do this no matter what time of day it is or where I am going. This technique works with college girls, crackheads, working women, etc. Every once in awhile,  (like 2-3 times a year) you might even run into a sexy young tender who is bored at the moment and has nothing else to do, and doesn't feel like being at home with mommy and daddy right now. This means a free piece of clean, fresh, young, black, "livewithmommy" pussy for me to fuck, with no future commitments necessary! ummm umm!. 

Well "Hairy Armpit Annie" for damn sure ain't no fresh young tender. But she still had an ass on her and she's hairy like some of y'all like. Last week, I told y'all that it took me five hours to find some pussy to show you. Luckily, This woman only took me five minutes. It was a Sunday afternoon and I wanted to get back home to watch the NBA All-Star game.  I took a few turns and saw Annie walking out of a house and getting into a car. Since she was getting into a car, I didn't think that she was hustling, even though she had the look of one that was. I gave her a light tap of the horn and a wave as I drove by. She waved back and I saw her standing there looking at me in my rear view window. The next thing that a professional pussyhunter should do when he sees this interest signal is to immediately hit the brakes, slow down, and hit your turn signal to show that you're about to turn around.  She'll see that you're interested when she sees the brake lights.

When I got back to her, she still standing by her car. I pulled an introductory line from my large repertoire of pickup lines and got to the question of "are you trying to have some fun?" She then asked me if I had some "yay" (local slang term for crack). I said no but I had $20 and that she could make it by showing her butt naked ass to the camera for me. She agreed and got into the car and followed me to the Budoir. This is one of the first smokers I've met that has her own car. I might have been her boyfriends. She was in a hurry too because she had to get back home to her man for the allstar game.

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