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This is for all of the people who have kept bothering me and asking me to put up a young girl. I have nothing against young girls. In fact, I LOVE the young girls but the problem lies in that a lot of them will lie about their age so if you want to be in the porn business and you don't want to be assraped in jail, you had BETTER make sure that the girl is of age. And that means getting a copy of her ID and keeping it on file. I had to go all the way to the opposite side of town to pick this girl up from her crib and then drive to another side of town to her mom's house so that she could get her ID for me to take a copy of. But now that it's safely on file, I can do whatever I want with this young sweet slim tender thang and it's 100% Legit! Maybe it's because I'm older now but girls between the ages of 18-21 seem VERY young to me now. And with new girls turning 18 every day, I have a never ending supply of the young tenders. 

Yeah this girl is young and y'all may think that she looks innocent but I swear on my Grandmother's grave that she is as far from innocent as Africa is from Asia. From what I know, she's been running the streets and running away from home since she was 14 years old. That seems to be the average age of when a girl hits the streets around here. But now that she's long grown, she is able to make decisions like an adult but still make the money that a teenage girl would make around here with the old men. And the young girls DO make money with the old men. I know of two slim beautiful girls that are probably around 16 by now and they already have been selling tail to old niggas around here for damn near two years and I used to fuck their 18 year old sister swell too and will soon have her on this site sucking my penis also....I'm telling y'all. Most of you have NO FUCKING IDEA what is going on in these streets with these girls and these old men....It's incredible.....But the thing is that all of these girls know each other in some way, shape, or form. There seems to be a very large clique of girls who hang out on the streets and get high, party, and fuck and they start out in this group of girls as soon as they know what sex is and this girl is included in that clique of girls...

"Money" likes the dick and she tells me that she wants to become a pornstar for a living but she currently is in a relationship with another woman who y'all have seen on this website named "Ashy Tasha", who is the ex-girlfriend of yet another girl on this website named "Car-Car". You can see both Ashy and CarCar slobbing my knob in the members area and you will also soon see my dick shoved in Money's mouth too....And let me tell you that Money LOOOVVES sucking on some dick!

I like all three of the females. And all three of them can suck a mean dick. I guess when a woman licks pussy, her dick sucking skills are enhanced somehow. I really believe that shit. But anyway, back to Money...........I haven't seen her in awhile and I found her again through her girlfriend. They both live with a 40 year old woman in some raggedy lookin house.  While everybody else on the street had grass for a front yard, their house had rocks....So I call Money on my cell phone and tell her to come outside and when she does, I notice that she's slimmer than when I saw her last. Before her breasts were nice and plumb and her ass stuck out more. But those years of running the streets starts to take a toll on even the youngest of girls out here. ...Don't get me wrong. She's still a gorgeous slim sexy light skinned young tender, but somebody needs to take her in and feed her a little bit and let her rest a little and she'll plump back up in no time. But when you're out here smoking and drinking all the time, shit happens. 

This young thang is the kind of girl that a up and coming pimp would DREAM of. She's young as hell, out on the streets and not close to her family, has a soft pleasant voice with a man-pleaser personality, and she's beautiful with a perfect slim body that any nigga would want to bend over and just destroy that pussy, and she's (I really hate to say this)...LIGHT SKINNED.....It's easier to pass off a high yellow girl to a white man with some bread because they're less intimidating looking than some of the darker more aggressive females that I know...But if you really want to pimp a girl like this right, you gotta take her out of her normal surroundings. She's the type of girl that you gotta take out of town where she doesn't know anybody, beat her ass, and straight gorilla pimp her to get her to do what you want her to do....And since I have a family and that takes priority, I must abandon my lifelong dream of being a pimp....But what I CAN do is get this young girl on film sucking and fucking and that's what will be happening. I'm gonna show y'all how good this girl can suck a dick after the years of experience that she has already had....That's why I call this girl "Money" because young tenders like this is nothing but money in the muthafuckin bank nigga!

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