Misty The Mulatto

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Well, the calls are coming in from female after female who wants to get naked for me. I actually had SIX different girls to choose from to show y'all for this week. I almost went broke paying girl after girl to get naked but I gotta do these girls when they're ready. If I hesitate, I might lose the opportunity. I even have a dude working for me now. He refers me to the hoes in the hood that he fucks with. All I have to do is pass him a $20 finders fee per girl. I'm thinking about showing you this dark skinned big booty girl with gold teeth that he told me about next week. I'm not sure yet. 

Anyway, I found this week's girl, "Misty The Mulatto", through a girl named Big Shae, who I have featured on this website. This is like the fifth friend of hers that I have shot. Shae called me and told me that she had two to three girlfriends that wanted to come and see me. I told her that I am only shooting one girl of hers for right now. So I went over to the other side of town and picked Shae and Misty up. Misty is mixed Black/White. I think you can tell by her skin, her hair, and her facial features. Now she's a thick girl, don't get me wrong. But she had one of the most BEAUTIFUL pussies that I have ever seen in my life. I joke you not. Once she got on the couch and spread her legs, I knew that I was seeing something very special. I got one pussy shot that was all up in her guts. You can see all of the pussy muscles right there in your face. 

She's a quiet person by nature and she was very shy. But even shyness is overcome when you need some extra cash, and I had plenty cold cash to hand her and ease her problems. I think that I'm going to keep this girl around for a minute cause she's kind of nice. She doesn't give me any hassles and will let me do my thang. She doesn't smoke or drink but she is cool with me doing it. She's what you would call a "good girl". She can cook, clean, and do what she's told. It's like having a black girl's body and pussy with a white girl's submissiveness. 

I couldn't help but let her know how much I was digging her. But since Big Shay was with us, we couldn't do anything about it. But a few days later, I surely did have her at my large luxurious home giving me a taste of that good mulatto pussy. And I don't let girls spend the night but I made an exception with her. 

And what is good is that I'll probably get to take pictures of her sister. Misty doesn't really like this fact but oh well. Other folks have to make money too. As long as Misty keeps throwing that pussy at me like she does, she won't have anything to worry about. 

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