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First of all, I'm fucked up right now. I've been drinking a pint of E&J VSOP and I've been smokin some killer weed. My eyes are fucking watering right now. But that's how it's supposed to be. Nothing like being able to be high as hell and work at the same time. What's good about being in the porn business is that you don't have to take a drug test. In fact, a lot of folks in the porn biz do plenty of drugs and alcohol so I'm in good company. I smoked all the time with other pornographers in Las Vegas for the internet porn convention. And I'm going to smoke REALLY BIG during the summer convention in Miami in August. I would love to be a pro athlete, but that ain't gonna happen. I'd like to be a movie actor in Hollywood, and that's a strong possibility if I go out there....But other than the  Sports, Music, Hollywood, Fashion, Politics, Legal, Medical, or High Finance industries, the PORN industries is one of the most fun industries to be involved with. Anyway...Let's get on with this week's girl...I got a lot of shit to write about this week...Thank God I type 100 wpm.

I was VERY lucky to meet this week's girl. The only reason I met her is because I was going over to see this white boy to buy my weekly 50 sack of weed. I had to cut my habit down from 100 per week....$400-$500 a month on WEED is ridiculous! That's a Cadillac car-note payment...Even $200-$250 a month is still too high. Anyway, when I was coming out of the dude's house, she was coming to the house to buy a sack. She's thin but she had a sex appeal that I instantly noticed even though she was covered in winter clothing. I was still outside talking to the dude's mom and she came out after she bought her sack. I hollered at her and gave her a business card and told her if she wanted to make some extra dough and have fun at the same time, just call a nigga. I got this salespitch down to a science now muthafuckas. All you gotta do is get her name, tell her your name, and give her a business card, along with the salespitch and leave it at that. Let the girl go over the offer in her own mind later on. 

Sure enough, she calls me the next day (thursday), and asks me what's up. I tell her that I'll be tied up all week and I'll hit her on the weekend. I wasn't able to get to her until Sunday.....I didn't have a lot of time because I had something important to do and I was only there to get some pictures....nothing else. She was very shy and shit and she had to make sure that she got away from her babydaddy who she said is the jealous type to come with me to my house. She told him that she was going to the corner store and she would be right back. That's where I picked her up at. 

We get to the house and I knew that I was going to need to loosen her up because she was acting scared. I rolled a small blunt up of some ganja, (I'm on a budget) and we smoked that up. I didn't have any brown liquor in the house and that's what most niggas drink. I had to go and be different and my weekly choice Liter of liquor happened to be Smirnoff. She wasn't trying to drink that shit. From now on, I'll at least have some Paul Masson or some E&J in the crib even if I want to drink some white liquor. 

She's about to move to Las Vegas in a few months and take her children with her. Would y'all believe that this 25 year old woman has 4 kids all born naturally! She has one boy and THREE TRIPLETT BOYS! All popped out of that hairy ass pussy right there. She said that she had her tubes tied cause she was through with kids. She was concerned about her stomach but I don't see nothing wrong with it. She looks GREAT for popping out four kids. And her pussy was sweet as sugar coated rose petals. Too bad she's moving soon. I would have had to bust this pussy out. However, I didn't have time to fuck her..I had something more important to do. 

After we got high and shit, I asked her if she was ready to get naked and do this. Then she started to act like she didn't want to take the pictures. Most girls will just take their clothes off. All she did was stand up and take off her coat. I was thinking to myself that she wasn't about to smoke up a blunt of my budgeted ganja and waste my precious free time and not get naked and spread those legs for the camera. She was saying shit like "I'm shy man!". So I had to get those panties off of her the old fashioned way....I EARNED it.....I had to use my Superman Chocolate Lover Skills on her. I didn't want to have to break the tricks of the trade out on her but I had no choice. I've sworn off seducing women for right now due to my current situation. But I needed to get her naked so that I could get this money so I'm sure that my family wouldn't have minded. No matter what, I'm focused on the MONEY! If I don't get any hoes, y'all ain't gonna pay me. And if y'all don't pay me, My refrigerator will be empty and I won't be able to be sitting here watching Cable TV in a nice warm house. FUCK THAT! 

And for real, I didn't enjoy what I was doing at all! I SWEAR IT! It was just business. So I had to suckle those cute little wrinkly nipples! So I had to do a few tricks with her sweet ass juicy pussy that ended up being dripping wet!! Gotdamn I wanted to fuck this girl bad. The only thing that saved her is that I didn't have a condom around. I could have given her a quick "Five Minute Fantasy". 

So I did what I had to do to get her naked and spread that pussy. And believe me, her pussy was hairy as hell. Her hair spread from a bit below her navel to the very back of her asscrack. Her asscrack was as hairy as mine is!! That's some wild shit!! Members will see a nice closeup of that hairy puckered up asshole. NICE! She also has a cute little suckable tasty bellybutton. I had to get a closeup of that for the fuck of it. 

That sample picture that y'all see is a picture I took after I worked my magic on her. I had her in the ZONE!! Look at her eyes...she look relaxed like a muthafucka dont' she? That's because I had her ready to do damn near anything for me. That's POWER!! Getting a girl to WANT to let you do anything to her without forcing her at all. Just using the powers of seduction is all that you should need. If you have to force her, you're weak minded. USE YOUR MIND! These women want you to seduce them so that they can blame the fucking on YOU! They don't want to say that they initiated it. So if you seduce them, they will feel better about themselves after the night is gone! 

Members will also see the videoclip of how I'm working my magic game on her. Man, this shit is so easy!! All I gotta do is seduce girls to get naked for my job!! I feel like doing a fucking infomercial like Don Lapre!!! The economy is collapsing around me and my refrigerator is STUFFED! Gotdamn sometimes I feel like I dont' deserve this!! Teachers deserve this...Social workers....But fuck! There must be a nice hot spot in hell waiting for me when I die....

After we took the pics and I was about to drop her off, she tried to act like she was "tricked" into getting naked because I seduced her. I laughed told her that if she wasn't bullshittin, I wouldn't have had to do all of that. All I wanted to do is take the pics. She said that all of the extra curricular activities should mean that I am to pay her more but I told her that what I did was WORK. I didn't use my Chocolate Boy Wonder skills on her because I wanted to. It was because I needed the pics and with the pics comes the MONEY which is all I'm concerned about. 

If you want to see a beautiful hairy asscrack and her legs spread, you need to join up today! 

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