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If you're mad I'm on top, then wish me gone. If you're mad I'm on the road, then wish me home. And if you're mad because I'm right, Bitch, wish me wrong. But once you've had your three wishes, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!

Once again, my homegirl "Shae" called me up and told me that she had yet another female that she wanted me to meet. She's been talking about her for a couple of months but I have been too lazy to drive my ass all the way over to their side of town to meet them...This week's girl named "Miss Entertainment" has to be at least the eighth girl that Shady has brought to me. Shady is the girl in the pictures who is wearing the black. As a matter of fact, all three of the girls that you see posing have been on this website naked before. Of course the skinny one is Miss Entertainment, the big girl in the black is "Big Shae From Da Valley", and the girl on the right is "Georgia Country Cornbread"...So if you're a current member or are a new member, be sure to check out those names in the members section to see all of their tits and ass and pussy up close. 

I haven't gotten around to meeting this girl before because as I said, they live on the other side of town. But the main reason that I haven't met her is that they don't have a car. In fact, I've never known any of those girls to own or have access to a car...And even though Shae is cool as shit, she's ALWAYS broke and I can't stand to hang around females that are always broke but still want to get high and drunk and go out to the clubs and kick it. This is the reason that I avoid most females from the ghetto unless it's time to do some business. If I hung around these type of girls all of the time, I'd be broke like a muthafucka with all of these girls sucking down my liquor, and smoking up all of my weed and my cigarettes.

But somehow...some way...They were able to get access to a car and they weren't going to waste any time staying up in the projects so they called good ole Big Daddy Leon to see if they could maybe come up on some money from me so that they could have some fun that night. She said that she would bring the girl to my house and of course I couldn't resist that since I was at sitting at home bored....When they got to my house, I asked Shae the usual "What's Up?" and she told me that they wanted to go out and kick it tonight at the bar but they didn't have any money. As soon as I heard that I knew what was up. But I'm not mad at her. I'm glad that these girls now know that if they want to get some quick bread, they're gonna call Big Daddy Leon FIRST to see if they can get some quick cash and that they know that my wallet is almost always full of dough. 

I told Shae that I wanted to smoke but I didn't have any weed and she "just happened" to be selling some. She pulled out a sack of trees and I selected four nice sacks and paid her for it...I then poured them some liquor and I then offered them something to drink while Shae rolled up the first blunt with MY weed. I said that I have have Gingerale and Coke....Miss Entertainment didn't hear the Gingerale part...she just heard the COKE part....And anyone could tell by the comments that she made is that if you gave her some powder, she'd be REALLY having a good time...I corrected her and said, "No, I meant Coca-Cola" and she was like ooooooh and we all started laughing....**sidenote** I've noticed that a LOT of these girls out here do that powder and you wouldn't believe what they would be willing to do once they are high on it...But back to the story.....

We sparked up a blunt and then we started talking. I asked the new girl what she did for a living and she said that she "entertains". I asked for her to clarify and she said that her job is to "entertain" men for a price. I asked her if she dances and she said that she does everything. She dances, gives blowjobs, cleans houses, cooks, etc. for men in our city. So therefore, everything that she does falls under the umbrella of "entertainment".....Get it?

After we smoked the second (and last) blunt of my weed and after they drank up all of the liquor that I had left, It was time for the girl to get naked and show that ass. As you can see, she has a nice slim toned body and she has some little raisin titties. I love when I get a girl like this because for some reason, the skinny little titty black girls do VERY well in sales when I have them up. She also has a nice tight ass on her and her pussy was beautiful and juicy. I can see why she makes money with her body even though she has popped out two kids....So Click Here To Join and see it all....Members will be enjoying a treat this week.

They came into my home with no money and after I bought some weed, paid Miss Entertainment for the pictures, and paid Shae her "referral fee" for bringing the girl to meet me, they came out with $110.00. Not bad for three ghetto girls to buy enough substances to get their buzz on and to hit the ghetto neighborhood bar and drink big....Since we had a good time that evening and we still had a buzz going, the girls decided that they wanted to take some more pictures with them posing with their clothes on. So you'll see some other pics of the girls bending over with clothes on too in the members section. 

I happened to mention Miss Entertainment to one of the actors on this website named "P. Dikky" that I had taken some pictures of the girl and he said that she was nothing but a crackhead and that she owed him twenty dollars....He also said that she gives some hella good head and that the dark skinned girl, "Georgia Country Cornbread" gave him some head and had some bomb pussy on her. So you know that I'm gonna have to get both of these girls back on the site for a blowjob video....The cycle never stops....and There is another batch of high school girls graduating in June! Lawd have mercy, I can't wait. They're fresh and young and don't know shit and are LEGAL and ready to be exploited. I love this job! 

I'll be coming next week with some kind of video. It will probably be a blowjob video but I'm not sure yet. Once again, I have rubbed my dick raw from excessive masturbation so I'm out of commission for at least another five days...Stay tuned..

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