miss all ass

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I am continuing with "Big Girl Month" here on blackvaginafinder.com. This is the fourth big girl that I have presented to you in a row. 

It was my lucky day when I found this girl. I found her on my way from work one day. It was hot outside, so I figured that I might be able to find some pussy out on the streets. Plus, it was around the first of the month so you know all the niggas are out in the ghetto spending and making money. I saw Miss All Ass getting out of a car. She had on a real short miniskirt on and the bottom of her asscheeks were hanging out of them. I thought that she was about to go inside of a house since she just got out of her car so I honked my horn at her real quick before I turned around to talk to her. She waved back at me and waited for me to turn around. Now this girl was standing almost right in front of my grandmothers house and one of my cousins happens to live right next door to her. So I knew that if either of them were outside, they would have seen me talking to this woman. But when I saw her big black booth jiggling like crazy when she got out of the car, I didn't give a damn who saw me, I had to holla at this honie.

It turns out that Miss All Ass doesn't live where she was parking her car. She lives on the other side of town where she is taking care of her mother who is in ill health. She just comes over to my side of town to walk the streets, party, and make some money. Then when she's finished, she goes back home to her mama who doesn't know the wiser. I didn't have my camera with me and I didn't have it at the "Budoir" either so I had to leave her at the cornerstore while I went home to get my camera. I then came back, got her in the car and took her to my spot to get her phat ass naked. She's older than she looks and she has 7 children! I'll have to give it to her. She has a nice body for going through all of that wear and tear. 

I would have gotten this girl to suck my dick but since I had some sex for the past two days before this, I wasn't in the mood to stick my dick in anything. As I was driving her back to the strip, I asked her, "I'll bet you can suck a mean dick huh?". She then opened her mouth and showed that she didn't have any teeth on the top part of her mouth and said, "I've never had any complaints". Then she started laughing. I was mad as hell that I didn't have this toothless hoe tongue massaging my nutsack but I'll see her again. In fact, I've seen her often since the first photoshoot. She sells her ass right up the street from where my babymomma lives. She also introduced me to one of her 49 year old hooker friends with short blonde hair for me to take pictures of. I might show her next week and I might not. It depends what pussy I find out on the streets this weekend. 

Miss All Ass was kind of hard to deal with but she was worth the $20 that I paid her. I got her bent over and spread those ass cheeks as usual to show that tight asshole. I also got her wide open pussy shots. Her pussy wasn't rotten or anything but it looked like she had a small pair of nuts on her pussy. It looked like she had two giant clits.  It's real hard to explain. You just gotta see it for yourself.

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