"Minnie" returns and gags while sucking my dick!

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This woman has been on this website once before and since I haven't seen her in a long time, I saw no harm in shooting her again.....She's a sexy thin hoodrat with nice smooth skin and a little bubble booty....

Everything was going well with this woman when I was taking pictures of her...I got the nice upclose pussy and asshole shots and then it was time for her to give me a blowjob....That's when everything got fucked up......For some reason, after she started sucking my dick, all of a sudden, she had to throw up....Fortunately, I had an old plastic shopping bag laying around in the back of the van and she then emptied her stomach contents in the bag.....I was disgusted by the whole thing and after I discarded the bag outside, she BEGGED me for another chance to suck my dick....So even though I was hesitant, I let her rinse her mouth out and give it another try....

Then after that, she started sucking my dick again and then she had to throw up yet AGAIN....So this time, I just told her to give me my money back and I got her the fuck out of my van....So basically, the video was free.....

Also, I want to give a shoutout to one of my models on this website that I shot some years ago and I called her "Doochie Love", as you can see from the following pictures:

Anyway, I ran into her over her sisters house around Easter and we had talked about shooting some more content....She likes women so it would've been a Lesbian video......However, that will never happen now because some dumb NIGGER who decided to get drunk and drive ended all of that....This dude was drunk and had both Doochie and his babymama in the car....BOTH died....Of course the dumbass driver lived and all he got was a broken neck...The other two niggas in the car weren't harmed....However, Doochie was ejected from the car and hit the pavement, putting a large gash in her head and causing her to lose one eyeball.....I happened to be back in my hometown and she died the same day that I arrived, so I was able to go to the funeral home and view her before the funeral started. 

Therefore, the pictures that I took of her back in like 2003-2004 are now instantly classic pics...There will NEVER be anymore pictures of this woman's sexy body and juicy pink pussy ever again....If I were you, I would add them to your permanent collection...If you're in the members area, you can go directly to her gallery by going to http://www.blackvaginafinder.com/members/doochie 

RIP "Doochie Love"

Anyway, Click Here To Join to see all of the action....And I'll see y'all next week with some more ghetto pussy from the streets. 

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