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I told y'all about this girl a few weeks ago where I put up the video of me sticking my dick in her mouth. Well, she wanted to take some pictures also. Plus I know you people that don't have high speed connections keep asking for pictures. I won't be putting up a whole lot of pictures but I'll still do it as much as I can to satisfy you. I kind of liked this girl until she pissed me off bigtime...

She came over to my house one day because she wanted to smoke and drink with me. Now I like to get my buzz on, but I can get my buzz on by my damn self. I don't need a woman here smiling in my face while she drinks up my liquor and smokes up all my weed. I can get my buzz on, turn on a video, pull out the babyoil, and masturbate my way into a sexually satisfying night......But since I thought that this was a cool female, I allowed her to come over to my house and participate in the intoxicating substances along with me.

I'm not pressed for sex but I wanted to bang this chick since she gave me such a good blowjob on video. This woman doesn't have the foresight to realize that if she gets on my good side, she'll be able to make good money for a long period of time. But since she is shortsighted, she said straight up that it has to be business all of the time. I told her that was cool and within five minutes, I was standing up, had my coat on, and was informing her that it was time for us to leave so that I could take her back to where she came from. She was surprised that I had gotten up like that and I told her that since it's business, there's no reason for her to be there since there was no business to be had that night. I also told her that I wasn't mad at her so I'll be sure to contact her for more business when the time is right.

This woman has been bragging day and night about what kind of cars she drove, what kind of job she had, etc. etc. and it turns out that she doesn't really have a gotdamn thing. Every time I see her, she's either walking or needing a ride, even though she supposedly has two cars. She told me that she had a boyfriend so I asked her what was her boyfriend doing for her to help her out. She said that he just got out of jail so he can't do much for her. Then I asked "SO WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WITH HIM FOR?".....Then she said that she has a 50 something "sugar daddy" who supposedly bought her this house in a city 45 minutes from me. I asked her, if you have a boyfriend and a sugar daddy, why in the fuck are you still broke and begging out here? Why the fuck don't YOU have any liquor at YOUR house? Where is the weed to smoke at YOUR house?

I told her that she wasn't fooling anybody. If she had those niggas paying her like she was saying, she wouldn't be suckin my dick for $30 on the internet. Case closed.....These bitches got me fucked up man! They think that I just fell off of the banana boat yesterday as a newborn babe....I may SEEM like an innocent church boy that just happens to take pictures for a living but these girls just don't know that I got more plays than Donovan McNabb when it comes to these bitches out here. They really think that their fairytales will fool me like some nerd sucka that they THINK that I am.

So join today if you want to see the wide open pussy and asshole shots. You can also see the full length television quality video where I put my dick to the back of this girl's throat.

On another note, I have decided that I am going to expand my female hunting territory to other states that are close to me. The states will be: Maryland, Virginia, Pennyslvania, NorthCarolina, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky. My driving maximum will be around 8-10 hours. I won't drive more than 8-10 hours to get anywhere. That's as much I can drive in one day without being too tired. Even though I have more bitches in my hometown than I could possibly use, and my phone rings off the hook from hoes trying to get naked, and I have a waiting list a mile long of girls that I haven't even called for months, I want to go to other cities and pluck some of the bitches from there. I don't want to really travel to big cities. I want to go to cities that are is at least 50% black and has a bad economy where there will be girls who want to get out of the city. The first place that I chose and went to was Youngstown, Ohio. It's a half black city in Ohio that used to be a booming town back when the American Steel Industry was flourishing. A lot of blacks from the south migrated there back in the day along with the blacks from West Virginia that left there when the coal industry died. There are blocks and blocks of old mansions and huge houses that are now boarded up when steel died and the white folks left Youngstown. Now the economy is dead, gangs thrive, and the unemployment rate is double the national average. I swear to God, you could buy a 5-6 Bedroom house in Youngstown for around $40,000. Now, Youngstown is nothing more than a shell of a city. The whole city is basically one big black ghetto and has a shitload of houses and mansions that are boarded up or have all of the windows busted out like This House  and This House....I wanted to at least show y'all a few pictures of the houses so you'll believe that I actually was there. See, any fool can run off at the mouth about where he wants you to BELIEVE he went. But if I didn't even have ONE picture, y'all would think that I'm a nigga who talks it but knows deep in my heart that I'm not LIVING it and we wouldn't want you to think that now would we?

That means that there are THOUSANDS of fine black poor hoodrats in Youngstown that will be available to me. I didn't see many people outside because it was bitterly cold there but I just went to see the street layouts and the architecture. I'll tell you one thing. When it gets hot, Youngstown will be one of my main long distance hunting grounds for years to come. It's full of phat booty black hoes and it's cheap as hell to be there. A nigga like myself is about to build a rolodex the size of a dictionary of women from around the country. I'm currently hunting online also to expand my territory. There are a shitload of women in the Gary, Indiana area. And I haven't even thought about North Carolina. I'm gonna tear that state up. This won't be a short term thing. I plan on hunting women for years and years to come so what I'm talking about now is at least a ten year plan. I've chosen Ohio and Kentucky as the states for me to penetrate in the next 2-3 years. I have to pass through Pennyslvania anyway so I'll be exploring that also.

I'm deciding to travel because I'm sitting here bored and since I don't have my children except for the summers and for a couple of weeks during the year, I might as well gas up the car and start traveling in hopes of finding a new babymomma one day. I don't want one anytime soon because I just want to enjoy my freedom. But when I find a woman that is thorough and knows how to handle business, I'll settle down again. And she MUST accept the porn or she's out the door.

I'll see y'all soon with more pussy...And to these folks out here who try in vain to be like me..........

You can NEVER EVER.....Ever Ever......Ever Ever......Ever Ever Ever Ever take the place of Black Vagina Finder.


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