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This week, I decided to bring y'all two new pieces of ghetto black pussy....So this update contains a video with two blowjobs on it, plus a picture set of a big titty phat assed older black woman with some well worn pink pussy....This is a cleanup of my hard drive of any recently shot, yet unused content minus one picture set....So next week, whatever you see will be coming straight off of my camera....I want to thank all of y'all for helping this website stay active for so many years....If you didn't already know, blackvaginafinder.com is coming up on it's 10 year anniversary, which is officially on November 21, 2000, the day I started up this crazy idea of putting pictures of ghetto hoes on the internet....I've taken pictures of pregnant girls back then and now those 10 year old offspring are now walking around on this earth........Also I want to give a special shoutout to the country of Norway....I don't know why I'm so popular over there but I need to visit...I'll probably be drowning in all of the white pussy I could poke....Anyway, to my members in Norway, I'm spending your Kroner wisely on these hoes to bring y'all what you want!...

The first girl on your left is named "Midgrade"...She just gave some average quick head and I nutted quickly because my balls were extremely backed up....She had a fantastic slim chocolate body on her but when I pulled out my camera to take the pictures of her, my battery was dead and I only got one picture of her...I was mad as HELL about that shit because I charged the battery the night before...That means that the battery is worn down and I'll have to buy another one...But I'm too lazy so I make sure that I charge the battery only hours before I go out on a shoot just to make sure that I'll have enough juice in the camera.....So the picture you see up there is the only picture I took before it died so click on it to enlarge it....Since her blowjob was so quick, I just added it in with the video of the second fat black woman named Puddin'.....I haven't run into a truly chunky woman with some huge titties on her in awhile so I'm sure that you members will enjoy her photoset......I don't remember much about her except the fact that she was very friendly and easy to work with, which is the most important thing of all.....Both women in the video take an injection of my cum straight into their mouths. 

The choices of women out on these streets are getting better and better as the weather warms up and I have recently shot some good shit so there's no reason for you as a member to go anywhere...I got you covered.....So if you're not a member of this ghetto black pussy movement, Click Here To Join to see what all the fuss is about and to see why I've been around now for TEN FUCKING YEARS!!!!...

I'll see y'all next week with some more brand new black pussy straight from the streets.



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