Medusa gives good down home head!

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I'm back with a brand new piece of granny old black pussy from the ghetto....I called her Medusa because of the wild dreadlocks...Then when I was editing the pictures and saw that I caught her with her eyes rolled back, I thought that she looked hella spooky and Medusa would be a great name for her...However, she isn't scary at all...In fact she's a very nice and pleasant woman and she had a nice body on her for an old lady...I picked this brawd up when I was back in the other state in my usual hunting grounds...I saw her, blew the horn, and she got in....The usual story.....

After this week, I will have just one more video left from my usual hunting grounds to update this website with...And I'll be showing you that skinny sexy dicksucking freak next week......So since I'm on summer vacation here at my Mama's house, that means that it's time to fire up the van and hunt for some hoes here in Ohio...I have no idea what cities I will be hitting yet...I'll just go with the flow....If I see a woman around the block, I'm going to pick her up because I'm not trying to burn up expensive gasoline driving all over the place finding hoes....As I've been doing this for 10 years now, all I wanna do is find a bitch, ANY bitch, as quickly as I can and get her in and out of my vehicle and then get the fuck outta that neighborhood....I'm too old for the rigmarole. 

Her pussy has a lot of grey hairs on it and I know that y'all men really like that shit....She had a nice pink healthy clean looking pussy and a tight brown asshole in between some well exercised and shapely butt cheeks....And she can surely suck a good dick....She has a nice soft "granny mouth".....Some of y'all have never experienced the delight of having a Senior Citizen suck your dick.....Well let me tell ya....You need to head over to your local retirement home and hang out at the park next door....There's NOTHING like an old lady's mouth...Her tongue is well worn from the years...Her teeth are either wobbly, falling out, or gone altogether, and she's always hungry for some young man's sperm....This woman was no exception....As soon as her mouth touched my dick, I was like "OOOOOOH"!.....She sucked me off until I shot a strong hot load of cum right into her mouth...You can tell when the first big shot hit the back of her mouth when you see her squint her eyes real hard...But all she did was flinch...She took the whole load in her mouth like a champion and I had to give her a nice tip at the end.

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