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I was going to bring y'all a white woman this week and have a Christmas Santa theme and name her "Santa Cracker", but the Holidays are coming up and with two kids, I need every penny I can scrape up and I can't take the risk of a white woman lowering my sales right now...Plus her video is already edited with my original name for her and I don't want to redo the whole video, so I'll put her off for a couple of weeks. 

So for this week, I'm bringing you a 41 year old woman that I'll call "The Joker" and this is the story of how I ran into this female......I was partying all night with one of my female friends and I didn't drop her off until around 4 in the morning....After I drop my friend off, I come back to the room to collect my cameras so that I can then go to my mama's house and finally get some sleep....But something was telling me to go out there and see if I could find one more female to shoot for the website...The streets were bare and I figured that I wouldn't find anything out there...The only effort that I was going to put forth to find a girl was to drive the scenic route to my mama's and IF I happened to see some pussy on the way to my mama's house, then I would pick it up...

Sure enough, I see this woman walking down the street acting all happy and shit...With the bounce that she had in her walk, you would've thought that she had just won the lottery....She got in my car with no problem and when I asked her if she wanted to make some money by taking some naked pictures, she was all gung ho about the idea...But she said she first needed to REALLY get in the mood to do something so she asked me if I could go to this spot in the hood and park while she went around the corner and bought a little something...Of course I have absolutely no idea what that "little something" was and since I was in the car, I had no possible way of knowing or participating in what she was trying to procure...The thing was that I wasn't driving my normal hooptie, I was driving a rental car which was a brand new Burgundy Chevy HHS with FLORIDA tags....Now you know a nigga sitting in a brand new car in OHIO that has Florida tags on it is automatically suspicious....So I made sure that I had my eyes focused on every mirror on that car to make sure a nigga didn't sneak up on me...And on top of that, I didn't want a cop to happen to drive by and see me sitting in the car slumped in my seat in a hot ghetto neighborhood. 

When she came back, she was really in a good mood then...We went to the house and she was still talking a mile a minute and happy as a clam....But all of a sudden, once we got back to the house, she got scared like a muthafucka and the smile was instantly wiped off of her face...As you can see in the sample picture, her mouth is turned all the way down into the most non-smile I've ever seen in my life.......Now at the time, I didn't understand why she would be scared to come into a dark large house in the ghetto with nobody else in it at four something in the morning with some big dark hairy negro that she's never seen in her life....I was mystified as to why she would be scared of me since I knew that I had no intention of harming her....As I have said before, a lot of these women encounter violent men who do all kinds of evil things to them....So now I can understand her fear...Too bad I wasn't more understanding at the time......

When we were done with everything, she said that she wanted to do some more freaky shit and if I could take her back to the spot so she could pick up another little something, we could...I agreed to take her there but I wasn't about to bring her back to the spot...I was physically tired and I was tired of her mouth...Plus it was going on 5:30 in the morning.....So once again, she acted like she was gung ho about shit and as soon as she got back to the car, she said that she didn't want to go back to the spot and to drop her by her house...I was like Thank GOD!...I dropped her ass off, went to my mama's house to go to sleep and I don't ever want to lay eyes on this woman's face again in person. 

Anyway, Click Here To Join to see the upclose pussy and asshole shots and to see the rest of the pics and videos that I have compiled over the years.....I must admit that I took some fantastic shots of her juicy black pink filled pussy...In fact, I didn't know how good they were until I put them up on the site...I have one great pussyshot from the back where she spreads her pussy so wide, you can damn near see her cervix....You could fit most of Gary Coleman up in that snatch. 

I'll see y'all next week with her blowjob video. 

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