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I was sitting on my couch watching TV a few weeks ago, when my cellphone rang. It was Crispy calling from the hairdressers. When I said "Hello", she said "You don't know me, but I heard that you pay to take pictures." I told her she was right and she asked me some details. I told her and she gave me her phone number so that we could discuss it later.

I met this 20 year old girl through her sister, who I picked up one day while I was on my way to work. I saw this tender dark honie walking down the street with her child and I offered her a ride. In the car, I told her that I take pictures and I gave her one of my business cards. She said that she would take pictures for me and told me to call her. When I did, she said that she found out that she was pregnant and that she didn't want to take any pictures. However, she passed my card to her sister, Crispy, and said that she could make some quick cash. That is why Crispy called me.

It took me over three weeks from when she called me to me getting her naked. Our plans kept falling through and I am working a lot of hours at my job right now. I finally called last week and didn't expect to see her. Then I almost got upset at her mama on the phone because she scolded me for not asking for her daughter properly. Luckily, I held my tongue and did what her mama asked. Luckily, she was down with the photoshoot and I picked her up after work. 

We got to the Budoir and I rolled up a blunt and poured the liquor to set the mood. When she took her clothes off, she had the most beautiful pitch black skin. I like my women like I like my bacon at breakfast, Black and Crispy! Unfortunately I didn't have any lotion available at the Budoir and the back of her thighs looked like a school child  smeared chalk powder all over a blackboard. ( I will start having lotion AND disposable douche available at the Budoir for models from now on). It really upset me that I didn't have lotion. Dark skin is the best but you had BETTER keep dark skin moist or it will look rusty. I got some cocobutter lotion at the drug store for 99 cents and it smells good as hell. I can have some fun rubbing the lotion on the asses of these girls before the photoshoot from now on.

As y'all can see, she had some LUSCIOUS big soft soft black titties. Members will also see her rich pink pussy in the middle of all of that pitch black flesh. She also had a nice clean asshole. I also got that upclose. 

Crispy tells me that she wants to get into some hardcore porn videos. I know y'all keep begging me to make some more videos for sale but I'm just too lazy. I think I'll just set the camera up on the side of the bed and just fuck the girl. I don't want to have assistants in there watching me fuck and I don't want to concentrate on holding a videocamera while trying to orchestrate a cumshot on a girls tits. (I've tried it. It's hard). So I think I'll just pass her to another webmaster that wants to make a video with her. I'm thinking J. Storm at RSM entertainment might want to use her but I don't think he likes big girls. So maybe I'll just throw her $200.00 and fuck her on camera myself.

It turns out that Madame Crispy is cool as hell. I like her. We're gonna start hanging out at one of the local hoodlum thug bars that she loves so much and get drunk a few times a month. Since the photoshoot, I have even been over to her house to meet her mama, who is cool too. So after we got back from across town with a bag of weed one night, Crispy rolled up a blunt and I smoked it with her AND her mama!. This girl also happens to live around the corner from me, along with a few other girls on this website. I love living in my neighborhood with my own people and all these black women! All Black Folks and only a few A-rabs. It's PARADISE!!

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