Lucky Lootiano

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Due to circumstances beyond my control. I now am fully responsible for taking care of all of my children. My babymomma done wigged out on me one time too many times and called the police on me and now the authorities have gotten involved and things aren't going too well for her right now..... So now that I am basically a full time single parent, that gives me even less time to devote to my hunt of hoes. I thought this shit was going to get easier as time rolls on. 

I can only hunt on the weekends now when my kids are over my mama's house. So if I don't find any pussy for the website by the time I have to pick my kids up, I won't have anything to show y'all for the week. Thank God Springtime is about to come. It will help the business out trememdously.

Anyway, I was out in the neighborhood trying to find any girl that I could find that would get naked and didn't have any luck at all. I was even getting desperate enough to approach women that were walking with their boyfriends. That's the only way that I was able to find this girl.......Out on the streets, she uses the name "Lucky". And believe me, Lucky and her boyfriend doesn't give a damn about anything except the loot. That's why I call her "Lucky Loot-tiano".....

I saw lucky and her boyfriend standing on the corner with some wasted looking crackheads and Lucky was lighting up a cigarette...I drove by and waved at her...she waved back so I turned around the corner to meet up with them. When she got to my car, I told her what I wanted to do and she said cool but she wanted her "brother" to ride with us...Now let me describe this nigga to you. He was black as tar with bloodshot mean looking eyes, and a long fresh scar from the bridge of his nose to the tip of his nose. I almost told her no but I had to make a judge of character and let him ride with us. 

Once we got to the crib, I made sure that I wasn't going to let either one of them out of my sight and I would not let them leave the downstairs living room in case they wanted to steal some shit. You can see that Lucky has a nice phat ass on her and some wide hips. Her and her boyfriend got mad when I grabbed her asscheek to show the bootyhole but I had to do what I had to do. As long as they get naked, that's all that counts.......Once we got finished, Lucky said "That was a quick easy hustle". Her boyfriend was sayin "Hell yeah". Then he asked me for one of my business cards. He told me he had all kinds of hoes that were willing to get naked for me. And I don't even have to discuss price with the girls. He just gives me the price to give him and he splits it up as he sees fit with the girls. I told him it's all good as long as they're 18 and over. This week's girl, "Lucky" is 29 and that's the age range that he said that he could bring to me. So this weekend, I won't even have to waste time hunting for a girl to take pictures of. He already knows that he is to call me Saturday morning and set up the time for the shoot. He said he can get me two white girls for $50. I don't want a lot of white girls on the site so I told him to bring me one white girl and one black girl this weekend. We'll see if he can deliver on what he promises. 

Well, like I said before, my babymomma has fallen off of the deep end. I'm still legally married to her so I should be saying my wife. Anyway, we don't live together anymore because I got tired of having the police standing in my living room due to her acting like a fool. Now I live around the corner from her. I was over there last Friday to help watch our newborn child. My wife is on the welfare system since we are physically separated and welfare requires you to work for your check and your food stamps. This woman hasn't worked a 40 hour work week in two years. All the fuck she had to do was make a 1 p.m. appointment with job training and she wouldn't have to do shit else until job training started the month after. 

Once 12:30 comes, I leave the living room and go in her room to see what's up. There she is passed out and intoxicated. I do everything in my power to wake this girl up. I shake her, I can yell "WAKE UP" straight in her eardrum and she wouldn't move. I picked her up and got her into the bathroom and splashed some water on her face to get her to wake up. Nothing that I could do could get her to become coherent and go to her appointment. I knew that if she missed this appointment, her food stamps would be cut and her check would be cut. And that meant that I would have to spend even more of my own money to stop her from being out on the streets. I BEG her to wake up and go to her appointment and do you know what she says? She says that she's not going to the appointment and that I just need to work harder and bring in more money to pay her bills. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Her divorce lawyer done got her psyched out thinking that she has a pot of gold in me. Well it ain't happening.....

Since she was in a drunken state, I couldn't have a good conscious and leave my one month old daughter with a slight disability in her care. So I tell her that I'm taking the child home with me until she calms down. Well, she got wild as hell. Started trying to tear up shit in the house. She tried to tear up my laptop computer. She tried to fight me and snatch the baby back. And all the while she was stumbling all over the place. The house got torn up and I had finally got my stuff ready to leave. 

As I'm driving off, I see the police coming to her door. I call her house once I'm home because I know that the cop will answer the phone. He tells me that if I don't come back with the child, he will go downtown, sign a warrant, and have them kick in my door and arrest me. Of course I came back to explain my side of the story. I won't go into details, but people saw what was going on and decided that it was best that I took the children to my house....The cop even admitted to me that where we live is a "pro-mom" county and the person with "two balls and a stick" is automatically wrong in domestic cases. HOWEVER, if there are circumstances that shows beyond a reasonable doubt that the woman is in the wrong, the man gets off with the kids. So that means that the woman must have FUCKED UP ROYALLY in front of the authorities for something like this to happen. 

So since she tells everybody that will listen about my website, I might as well just be out in the open now. So hello to all of the police officers in my city who are reading this. Hello child safety people and my wife's caseworker... Hello Paramedics, Hello all of the members of my mother's church, Hello friends of my wife's .. Hello any nigga who may have been walking by and heard her yelling my website out in public. Hello to my wife's family, and especially her mother who is in denial about all of this. Hello to my own divorce lawyer and my wife's divorce lawyer. Hello to my wife's psychiatrist....Let's just get all of this shit out in the open. 


And being a pornographer and taking pictures of hoes has nothing to do with my parenting. I have never taken any pictures or done anything with my children present. So mister divorce attorney, just go ahead and read my website every week and print out the pages and keep them in your files like you have been doing for months. This has gotten to a point where it is out of our own hands...Now we got the authorities all up in our business due to my wife's illness. I pray that you don't try to prove a point with me and destroy that woman in the process just to line your pockets...Yes, it would be fun to litigate with each other in court but is it really worth putting this woman's business out in the streets? Everybody already knows what I do for a living and it STILL made no difference...just LEAVE THE SHIT ALONE! 

Our premature newborn child only gained four ounces in the previous week before she came in my care. The doctor said that she needed to gain at least 7 ounces...or an ounce a day. Well in under a week while the child has been with me, she gained TEN FUCKING OUNCES and is thriving here in the peace and quiet of my home that I so lovingly call the "Oasis".  What does that tell you?

All I want is my divorce and custody. At least until the mother is able to get her shit together. She'll be able to see her children every day if she wants to. But so far, she hasn't seen my oldest kid in almost a week and she isn't showing any effort to see the kid either. I'll be DAMNED if I'll pay child support for the next eighteen years so she can sit on her ass and neglect my children and then complain about how the money that she DOES get from me comes from porn.......And yes Mister divorce attorney, Child services has contacted the child support people to get them off of my back since I now have custody. There is no way in HELL that I won't get custody now. Everybody already knows what I do for a living....Everybody in the system is reading this website all the time....Please make a phone call to my attorney and let's work this out peacefully before the hearing next month....

Even though the woman has persecuted me from day one, I still love her and I want her to get some help and sober up. I wish that I could send her to a nice quiet hospital to straighten up but this is the real world and I don't have that kind of dough. She has to kick this habit the old fashioned way. I love her and I wish her the best of luck. But I can't sit by and let my kids be around that shit. And I can't let all of these fine ass women be around and not talk to them. I may not be husband material but I realize now that it doesn't matter. As long as I'm a good father, I get all of the respect.....

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