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This is yet another example of why I LOVE what I do! I met this girl Lonnie on the phone chatline a couple of weeks ago. She's 29 years old, is 5'3" and 145 pounds. And believe it or not, she has FIVE KIDS!...When she first told me this on the phone, I assumed that her body was going to be beat up from having all of those kids. We talked for a couple of days and we got along well. Then we had to see what each other looked like so I invited her over to my house. Lucky for me, this girl basically lives walking distance from my house so it was easy to convince her to come over.

Once she got to my house, I knew that I wanted her from the time I saw her walking up on the porch. It's something about those short dark ghetto girls that turn me on like a muthafucka. She oozes sex appeal and she has a great personality. She can cook, clean, and likes to get her drink and smoke on. Her kids don't act all bad like other kids I've seen in the hood and they seem to be very respectable and responsible. 

The only thing is that she likes to be out kickin it alot. But if you had to take care of five kids by yourself, wouldn't you want to be out having a little fun and getting a break? I would. I was chillin over her mom's crib the other day and I never knew what it was like to have to feed five children and split up your food so many different ways. She gave her kids an after dinner snack consisting of leftover pork chops and rice. She even gave me some of it....Later on, she cooked a full dinner for those kids. I have to respect her for that..She has a very large family in our city so she's always out kickin it with some of her cousins or with her sisters and they go to the ladies nights at the bars and to the afterhour spots when the bars close...She said that since she doesn't have a man right now, she's gonna go out and have fun but when she finds a man, she'll spend all of her time at home.

I wish y'all could feel how nice and soft but firm her body and skin is.....She has that nice DARK chocolate skin that I love and an apple bottom ass...Her breasts are a nice tasty mouthful and her pussy tastes just like I like it...like NOTHING....I haven't had sex with her yet but if I get to know her, I'm gonna have to have her spend the night sometimes. I wouldn't mind having something like that up in my bed...She's a very affectionate and passionate female and she knows how to make a nigga feel nice and relaxed. I'm getting a woody just thinking about it. And the best part is that her tubes are tied so if I take her in, I can bust all the nuts I want inside of her and not worry about the dreaded disease, K.I.D.S...

She said that she's gonna come over to my house and cook for me. You know I gotta taste a girl's cookin before I consider messing with her...The leftover pork chop I ate was seasoned nicely but I want to see her cook a dinner from scratch and see how that tastes....If it's good, I'll blow that vagina out and start fucking with her on the regular...She knows a boatload of girls that are on this website and one of them happens to be one of her best friends. I'm glad that she's cool with all of that. And she also knows a whole lot of people who lives on our side of town in this city and we both know that a lot of y'all from our city are reading this and looking at the pictures as we speak. She wanted all of you niggas and bitches to see how nice her body looks for five kids and she'll bet that a lot of y'all BITCHES on the West side wishes y'all could look this good after having five kids........Any of y'all girls that want to prove her wrong, y'all know how to find me around here. Hit me up and I'll show your body and you can let all the niggas in the hood you know see the ass that they wish they could fuck....And believe me, a LOT of people in our city will be seeing you and you will get the comments from them everywhere you go. I'm finding out that this is happening to a lot of my girls where they are constantly told that they were seen on the internet. I'm glad that my girls are cool with all of it because it's all in fun and this porn shit is art. I provide a valuable service to our community.

So all of you out in internet land, Click Here To Join so see the wide open pussy shots and closeups of her dark chocolate tight asshole. This girl is some Grade A black meat right here. And y'all white folks out there knows damn well that you won't even get close to some black ghetto pussy like this unless you come inside my website and view it up close. Quit bullshittin. You know that there aren't any black girls out there in suburbia. And the only black girls that a lot of white men see are the secretaries or cleaning ladies at the office and you KNOW that they don't want to fuck with you. You see how they look at you with contempt most of the time with that "corporate smile" plastered on their face when you tell them a stupid unfunny joke by the soda machine or as you park yourself in front of their desk jabbering while they are trying to get their slave task of a job done. So whip out that credit card and spend some chump change to see how black pussy acts when she's relaxed with a smooth chocolate brotha like me.

I am also pleased to announce the launch of one of my two new writing blog sites. As of the time of this update, my DNS server hasn't resolved yet but within a couple of days it will be up. It's called www.MrNoGood.com . It's a site that is based on relationships and to explain "Why Men Are Dogs". It will give the reader insight into the mind of a "No Good Man"....It won't have any porn pics on it and there won't be a lot of cussing on it. You can have your teenage children read the site and I'm gonna keep it that way because I don't want to have that site blocked by the porn filters like Net Nanny and such. This is a site that you will be able to entertain yourself with while at work without worrying about your boss seeing something wrong on your computer screen. There are so many girls that I deal with weekly that never end up naked on this website. I needed a place to have an online journal of my adventures and to also give you some insight on my views on politics and current events. The design is strictly a white page with black text so it would look like you're looking at a Microsoft Word document to someone who is passing by.....It's time to take black authoring to a whole new level....

I'm not going to mention my other writing site on here right now. It will be a SUPER mainstream site that deals strictly with current events and politics. I have a perfect marketing plan for it and it could rocket me to having one of the hottest political blog writing sites in America. I'm gonna keep it to myself right now but when it does finally get out, people will be slapping themselves because they didn't think of it. It's a WIDE OPEN opportunity for someone who wants to become a nationally syndicated political writer and I'm not gonna let anybody else do it before me....I'm not planning on stopping doing porn any time soon but I'm definitely not trying to expand much further in the porn industry. 

I'll see y'all next week with some more pussy. The girls keep calling and I keep hunting. It's about to get warm outside and there will be a fresh batch of 18 year old girls fresh out of high school with no jobs and wanting to have fun. It's gonna be a great Summer. 

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