Little Black Princess Hood Rat Hoe

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I was lucky enough to be able to shoot pictures of this fine ass 35 year old BISEXUAL (leaning towards women) , slim brownskinned ghetto honiepie...It cost me a lot of money to get her naked for these photos but I think it will be worth it...Especially for those of you who are serious porn collectors....I didn't even bother to resize any of the pictures...I left them nice and big so you can see all of that black pussy juice drop by drop...She's bisexual and currently has a girlfriend who is a petite brownskinned cutiepie with nice squeezable 'Gary Coleman like' pudgy cheeks and a pretty smile....But she's all the way STUD and that's how Princess likes em......She likes women more then men so all of y'all niggas in the hood that knows her better not just come showing up with a dick in hand while the other hand is empty....Don't think that you're going to spend the night with her and hope that you're going to just luck up and fall up in some pussy unless you let her fall up in your wallet first....Don't bother offering to lick her pussy, thinking that you're getting her excited because she has a woman who can already suck her clit just the way she likes it...What makes any of you niggas out there in my hometown think that she wants YOUR stank, hot, non-teeth brushing, nigga breath breathing all on her coochie? 

So I'm hoping that later on, I can film a video of the two girls going at it...I would love to fuck the shit out of  this woman on the regular because as you can see, she has a perfect body on her with nice perky titties and a sweet black cherry shaped ass...And when she's in the doggystyle position, her well shaped ass cheeks parts like the red sea to show everything from the asshole on down to the pussy.....Plus she has a great personality and is easy to talk to and she has a big heart....I must say that she is one of the most down to earth realest females that I've met in a LONG time....

While most bitches that I meet and know are on some fake and sneaky shit, you don't have to worry about this woman not telling it like it is....And she can tell it and tell it and tell it all day....I've sat up with her talking shit for hours and the time flies like a muthafucka.....She says that a lot of people think that she's crazy and when you first meet her, you might think that she's a sandwich short of a picnic but once you get to know her and talk to her, in her own way, she's somewhat of a genius....Her only problem that she doesn't know how to say no to people, EXCEPT when it comes to trying to get some pussy, in which she has no problem saying no. 

I was introduced to this woman by a female friend of mine....As soon as we walked into her house and I laid eyes on her, I knew that I had to eventually get her naked and hopefully fuck her...I had to play it cool at first because a nigga can't just say he's trying to holla at the girl as soon as he sees her......But then a situation came up to where my female friend owed me one and I cashed in the chip to get a formal name drop and introduction to Princess...

I then immediately went over Princess' house to have a few beers with her and to let her know that I was trying to fuck around with her...She said that she was being faithful to her girlfriend of two months but if the price was right, anything would be possible as long as she let her girlfriend know and made sure that she received part of the proceeds.......She also wanted to pay her girlfriend back for all that she has done for her and give her a little cash to show her appreciation.....Now that's what you call a true down ass appreciative female right there.....There isn't really much I can do when it comes to fucking her because she likes women and I ain't paying for any sex that can't be put on film...However, she's such a cool person to hang around, that it doesn't matter...She's a good friend to have and I'm really glad that I've met her....The reason that I call her Princess is because she really is one...A sexy black ghetto girl of the hood. 

I promised her that I would block her face out on the free public page but of course paying members will see the full size up close pussy and asshole photos....I also put two videos in the bonus area.....So Click Here To Join to see it all.....Now regardless of what I may directly pay the women to bare all for this website, there are a lot of indirect costs that I have paid for and absorbed for the nearly 200 women on this website such as gasoline burned, wear and tear on the car, food, cigarettes, black & mild cigars, alcohol, prepaid phone activation cards, scratch-off lottery tickets, packs of hair from the beauty store, wigs, cable/satellite bills, clothes, shoes, boots, nightclub partying money, bail, etc. etc........And a lot of that stuff gets bought for women days, weeks, even months before they finally get naked for the camera.....So I'm thanking all of you for your continued support over the years of this website, which is my favorite hobby......Also be sure to call my voicemail box at 216-472-3508 and leave any kind of message that you want. 

I'll see y'all next week with some more black pussy....And with the way things are going, some new pussy might just fall into my lap tomorrow...Wish me luck.....


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