Thu. Jan. 27 , 2011. "Lipps" is back and I fill her mouth up with semen!

I couldn't help but put this girl up again because I kinda fell in "love" with her....I love her body, her lips, her personality, and her dicksucking skills.......I was driving around here in the Midwest and the weather is kind of shitty but I have figured out that if you hit the streets around noon, the brightest and warmest time of the day, you will be able to find something...

So I saw her walking down the street in some tight pink pants and she was about to go to the corner store...I blew my horn at her and drove past to get ready to turn around...By the time I got back around, she was out of the store and walking back up the street...I pulled up alongside of her and got her in the van....

This girl LOVES being in front of a camera and putting on a performance....And y'all will see with this blowjob what I'm talking about....I had a nice big load too and I unloaded all of it in her mouth enough to make her cheeks puff out....I had a little empty fruit cup that was laying around in the van so I handed it to her and she emptied a big gob of nut in it...It was so thick that it stuck to her lip and she had to try more than once to pull the cum off...It was like I shot Spiderman's web of chewy cum out of my dick into her mouth. 

So Click Here To Join to see the action....And I'll see y'all next week...I found a woman from a long time ago today that gave me a fantastic blowjob and I was so caught up in it that I forgot to hit the record button...So now I gotta call her in a couple of days to get it sucked again...Oh well.



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